spring is about to explode…

Spring is here, at last! Not the fake spring that we had in January, where you knew that if the weather continued to be that nice, we might lose an entire fruit crop. There’s nothing wrong with warm days in winter, but not if it means you kill off the spring flowers before their time!DSC_0156

With the temperature in the 70’s and all the windows open, it was a day for shorts, tank tops, and bare feet. And before I forgot completely, I grabbed my camera and tore into the front yard to get a look at some of the early blooms. We had some cold weather over the last few weeks, so some of them were looking a little worse for wear. I wanted to capture the pink and purple hyacinth before they shriveled up, post-frost.DSC_0157

DSC_0163I was glad to see that while some of the hyacinths are up, some are still budding and getting ready to share their bright colors for a little while longer. Beside them, the teeny grape hyacinth throws a small splash of blue into the brown of the surrounding dead leaves. DSC_0166

These flowers are so small and low to the ground that I ended up sprawled on my stomach, trying to get a good look at them through the camera lens. In the lovely warm sun, I didn’t mind that, but I had forgotten how prickly that yellow grass of ours can be. It’s slightly softer near the garden, because it holds onto moisture longer than the area near the road. Once I went out to the mailbox to look at the pansies, though, it was a completely different story.DSC_0173

DSC_0236One or two tiny daffodils were hiding amongst the pansies, and these pansies are not much bigger than my thumb. So, I had to either sit down or kneel down in the grass, and after one try at sitting, I leaped to my feet like I’d sat in a bed of needles. There’s nothing like picking sharp grass out of your shorts for the rest of the day. Instead, I knelt down and ignored the discomfort, trying to get at all that purple and yellow. But my legs are still feeling the abrasions from the grass. I’m not sure what kind of grass it is, that looks so nice during certain times of year, but during the winter it’s dry, yellow, and painful to step in (yes, we CAN go outside in bare feet during parts of our winter).DSC_0176

I walked down the brick garden path, looking for any more flowers of interest, and took another look at the grape hyacinth. I think I spied some white narcissus near the edge of our property, but I had left my flip-flops inside, and wasn’t going down there. Occasionally, we have strange looking holes and I have visions of a black snake coming to visit me, while I’m in my bare feet. I’ll get my shoes, later.DSC_0177

DSC_0183Heading towards the back yard, I stopped to look closely at our hydrangea bush, and you can see that the new growth has arrived. Those little leaves are so new and shiny, starkly green against the dead-looking brown branches. Soon, the azaleas will be blooming, too, though the buds haven’t even formed yet. I look forward to that, because when the azaleas bloom, the South comes to life.DSC_0186

DSC_0187What new bursts of color will every day of this week bring?DSC_0188

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