breaking bulletins…

When I went into my storage unit, I had a purpose in mind. I was going to fit as many boxes into my car as possible, but I specifically wanted my bulletin boards. I have two, one’s a normal size that’ll fit behind your bedroom door, and the other one’s big enough to cover most of a wall. Well, almost. I had a pretty good idea that I could reach them, as most of my large poster frames and pictures were carefully placed at the front of the unit. When I pried them out, I felt like I’d won a really big prize!DSC_0058

DSC_0059By the time I’d packed most of the boxes, I realized I’d made a mistake. My bulletin boards WILL fit into the car, but the back door narrows at the top, so I couldn’t just shove them in on top of everything. I needed to put them in at an angle, about halfway down the back door… which was now loaded with boxes. So, out came the boxes, and in went the bulletin boards. DSC_0060

Then, I had to perform a balancing act (I was packing my car by myself), holding the cork boards up to the ceiling with one hand, while attempting to push the last box in with the other. It kept getting hooked on every other box, or the drawers of my jewelry chest, so I really needed two hands, but couldn’t release the boards in order to do it. That’s why I ended up beating the end of that box in, because I couldn’t move it any further. Such is life.DSC_0061

DSC_0062Now that I have the boards at home with me, I have no place to hang them, for the moment, but hopefully I will soon. But every time I shut my bedroom door (which I do, often, so people don’t cringe at the wreck my boxes create), the smaller board would stare at me, and beg me to cover it with something. Anything. DSC_0063

DSC_0067So, last night, I pulled the board out, propped it against some boxes, and dug into my photo collection that I started before Australia (pictures of family and friends), and then built upon in Minnesota (pictures of my Aussie friends). Of course, any picture session with my Aussie pictures causes some heartache, looking at my beautiful girls and missing all my friends. DSC_0065

Since I left, some of my friends have moved to Brisbane and Sydney (cities), and Victoria and Tasmania (states). I will have so many places to visit, when I get back there! And also, since I left, my newlywed friends are expecting their first child, and my friends-with-an-almost-toddler are expecting his younger sibling. How did that happen? Don’t you dare answer that. I’m missing out on the new babies!DSC_0068

DSC_0069But as much as I miss those that are far from me, I wouldn’t give up those memories for anything. They’re a part of me now. We’ll get to catch up again, in person, someday. And that will be beyond splendid. DSC_0070

DSC_0071Until then, I hope you enjoy my latest photo collage. When I get the big one up, I’ll probably move some of these over, and incorporate cards and other items into this. It’s always been an amalgam of pictures and memories that is so much better than wallpaper. DSC_0072

DSC_0073In fact, while I was putting this one together, I was fantasizing about collaging any entire room, someday. Right onto the walls, with some kind of clear primer or something to go over it, to preserve it. Wouldn’t that be awesome? Or maybe I’ll just have bulletin board walls. That might be even better. Life is full of such possibilities!DSC_0074

2 thoughts on “breaking bulletins…

  1. Hi Rachel,

    You should so try and find the picture of you and me at Australian Outback Spectacular, where we have our hats on. I love that photo! I look at it all the time. Brings back great memories. I’m missing you, and Andrew and Caitlin terribly (as well as Bogey’s). Love you heaps!!! xox

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