too tired to think straight…

Of course, I had to think, somewhat, when I was at work. But for once, I was perfectly happy to go back to my rote replies to everyone. Occasionally, someone would distract me, and I would turn back and say “How are you?” (instead of “Have a good one!”) to the person that was about to walk away from the register. They just looked at me like I was nuts, and I pretended I was speaking to the next customer. It seemed to work.

With the regulars, I found myself able to make normal conversation, and when they asked me how my weekend was, I loved saying “It was great, but I’m tired.”, followed by the explanation that “I drove to Pennsylvania and back again.”.  That gets some really good responses, especially when they know where PA is.

I have a few posts that I was preparing to write, even before I left for up north, and now have enough photos for another post or two. But once I arrived home and carried more boxes into the house, I found there wasn’t much brain capacity left. It’s not like my drives took much longer than usual, I made it back in 9 hrs. That’s good time, with no traffic holdups or anything. But I did play a few hours of volleyball on Saturday, which made me extremely sore on Sunday… and then the 9 hrs in the car caused all my muscles to seize up.

As my friend said, over the weekend, “My back hurts in places I didn’t know it could hurt. The bottom… the top… the middle… the sides.” (Sharon said it, Jon).

I just thought I’d let you know I made it back safe, and I have plans for writing, as soon as I catch up on sleep, and have some mental energy to burn. Even though the weekend wasn’t nearly long enough for me, I had a wonderful time, and can only hope that you had just as good of a weekend.

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