a box from Oz…

I got a box from Australia! Of course, I knew it was coming, but that doesn’t make the actual receiving any less exciting. Especially when you’re not certain of what exactly is in it. The Customs label said “Confectionery”, which sounded so much more enticing than having already known there would be candy inside. Of course, my Aussie friend would not write “candy” on there, because they don’t really use that word the way Americans do.DSC_1033

DSC_1034A month ago, I was going through another round of the “I Miss Australia” game, and then decided to post about it on Facebook. I announced that the first of my Aussie friends to send me a box with Vegemite and other Aussie specialties, they would get a box in return. I would fill mine with some American goodies, after I got some advice on what those might be (aside from the ingredients for s’mores). DSC_1035

DSC_1036Almost immediately, one of my friends asked for my address, and said she would send me something. SO exciting. Of course, my American friends, the ones that had even the slightest idea what Vegemite is, began to grunt and groan over the thought that I wanted some. Well, I can’t spread it thick on wheat crackers, like some of my Aussie kiddos did, but I definitely like it. It’s also a food that carries lots of memories. Many foods have memories attached to them, for me. I’m sure you have them, too. DSC_1037

Avocados are on that list, too. My brother learned to like them, while visiting some of my cousins, but no one else in our family does (yet). So, we get them from the grocery store, and no one fights us for them. It’s a great position to be in… the avocado monopoly. I gave up my turkey neck monopoly, a few years ago, by forcing my brothers to try it. DSC_1040

DSC_1041Of course, Matt scoops his avocados out with a spoon and arranges it in slices on whatever he’s eating. I use a knife to run several slices through half of one, and then squeeze the rind until all the green stuff comes out on my sandwich bread. That’s how I learned it overseas. But “that’s disgusting!”, they tell me. I will continue to eat and enjoy my “green glop” in my own fashion, however, never mind the critics.DSC_1042

DSC_1043I had some warning, the other day, that my box should be arriving soon, so I was thrilled to find it sitting on my bed, when I arrived home the next day. Of course, I grabbed my camera, and took it out in the living room, so I could take pictures and show anything new and interesting to anyone that cared. Thank you so much, again, Laura!DSC_1044

My box had an abundance of Cadbury joy, as you will see, along with a few other items. Of course, the tube of Vegemite was interesting, because I’ve always gotten it out of a jar. Squirting it onto your bread, I admit, it definitely looks weird. I had tried the Cadbury frogs and Timeout bars, before, but never had Fantales (which I think are chocolate covered hard toffee). The Cherry Ripe bar, I had never had, but I remembered that Aussies can’t live without their TimTams.

I had forgotten about the Nutella. We do have it over here, but rarely buy it. I was expecting the little Nutella containers to have biscuits of some type in them, to scoop up the hazelnut chocolate. It didn’t, so I scraped it out with my finger. Terrible, I know. My brother was quite intrigued, as he’d never had it, so we had a discussion of how it was probably made, though I don’t actually know the process. DSC_1068

DSC_1072Later that evening, I brought some of treats out to the kitchen, where my brother interrupted my taste test (which also involved taking pictures of everything). He was perfectly happy to join in trying everything. The Time Out bar tasted a bit like a Kit Kat, flake two breakbut instead of just plain old chocolate in the middle, it had a Cadbury Flake layer. Cadbury Flake bars are… squiggly bars made of squiggly lines of chocolate. Almost like thick threads that have been stuck together. I can’t figure out how else to describe it. I had to google a picture (credit goes to chocablog), in order to show you.

Tim Tams are cookie bars that come in many flavors, but I didn’t eat them regularly enough to get addicted. But I think that most Aussie are happily addicted to them.  : )  The Cherry Ripe bar… well, I don’t like cherries. The funny thing is that I often like “cherry-flavored” candy, but I don’t think they actually taste like real cherries. So, cherry cough drops, cherry candy, those are fine. Bing cherries or maraschino cherries, not so much. So, I tried the Cherry Ripe bar, for the very first time, and liked it. Well, I didn’t adore it, but it was good. My brother liked it, too, and then I let him take the rest of the bar downstairs for my parents to try.

DSC_1070DSC_1071I think I will have to save Vegemite for another post, as I’ve been introducing it to my family, but mostly just enjoying it for myself.  As you may have guessed, most of my treats are gone, now, with the exception of a TimTim and some Fantales. It was so sweet to have a bit of Australia to enjoy. I’ll get back to you when I start working on my return box.  : )  DSC_1073DSC_1076

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