a little bit of color & sparkle…

I own a jewelry chest. The year I got it, it was so thoroughly wrapped in cardboard, bubble wrap, and clear plastic (I think) that we joked that I had received a cannon for Christmas. In fact, I can still refer to it as my “cannon”, and my more observant brothers will know what I’m talking about. Unfortunately, it’s been in my storage unit for a few years now, waiting patiently to come home with the rest of my stuff. DSC_0022

Of course, when you go overseas, you can’t even consider bringing such a large piece of furniture, so I went the more normal route. My Bahamian jewelry box went with me, for my year Down Under. But while in Oz, for the first time ever, I came across one of those mannequin-looking jewelry stands that I actually LIKED. You know the ones, they usually look like a corset with a hoop skirt attached, but all other designs I’ve ever seen gave me the creeps. Maybe they had faces, I don’t remember. Why would I display something in my room that would frighten me, or any child that happened in there?DSC_1013

But this one had a twirly, artistic looking wire skirt, of such a fascinating design that I was completely torn. I don’t need a jewelry stand, I have a jewelry box. Eventually, I will have a jewelry chest again, I don’t need a jewelry stand. I don’t usually like this kind of thing, I insisted to myself. They even had the creepy ones in that store, but this one didn’t look anything like them. My protests were to no avail, and I packed that stand carefully into one of my many suitcases for the trip back to the U.S. DSC_1014

Originally, I used it as a display for both earrings and necklaces, as you’ll see in my pictures from Minnesota. The flare of the skirt was perfect for displaying a few necklaces, and my dress-up watch snapped onto the stand, like a belt. But gradually, my headband collection began to grow, and I started to put the earrings on one side, and the headbands on the other. As the poor stand really needs to be re-soldered on the main bolt, it’s a bit wobbly (I’ve hot-glued it, several times). So, the balancing act I put that poor “girl” through is quite something.DSC_0020

DSC_0021And then, I began longing for my bulletin boards, again. If you’ve ever heard me complain about Pinterest, of which the point still slightly escapes me, the idea of a virtual bulletin board gets on my nerves. MY bulletin boards are always covered with photos and odds-n-ends that I’ve picked up from memorable events. And they’re collaged onto the board, not just set about in straight lines. I would happily fill my whole house with bulletin boards, with collages of photos on them, rather than ever put another photo in a frame. IMG_7640

IMG_7643IMG_7644When I was in Australia, I didn’t have a cork board (as they call them), but I had blue putty to stick things onto my cupboard (closet) door. That would have to do, until I could get home. But it was satisfying to display little items that reminded me of special times, as the year went by. When I was in Minnesota, I had two small bulletin boards to work with, and promptly displayed my Australia and home pics on them. DSC_0018

DSC_0017Now that I’m back in South Carolina, my bulletin-board-less-ness was getting to me, when I remembered a blue “board” that I bought a few years ago. It’s purpose is to display birthday cards and other things, using the elastic cords strung across it. For some reason, I thought it had cork board under the fabric. When I finally managed to hang it on my wall, I realized that it did NOT have cork board in it, but some kind of wood that allowed thumb tacks to be pressed into it… if you pressed them REALLY hard. My poor fingers took days to recover.

It couldn’t be used for pictures, because if there’s something I won’t do, it’s bend my photos or put holes in them (unless it absolutely can’t be helped). Pounding push pins into them wouldn’t work at all, so here I was, with a board hung up on my wall… and what was I going to use it for?

I love to collage photos. My bulletin boards are a more organic form of the photo collages that I put into picture frames. Those take a lot of time, with careful cutting and taping into place. The biggest one I’ve ever made, I left with my Aussie family, as a Christmas present. The smallest one I ever made is in a 4×6 picture frame, made of lots of miniature photo bits that I collected after making several other collages.DSC_0052

DSC_0058I think my collage habit is somehow related to my love of gluing broken things back together again, but that’s a theory I’m still working on. A broken pitcher has a requisite way of going together, one that you can see easily. A photo collage has a cohesiveness that is less obvious, but once you know the point of the whole collage, you can see how it will all go together. Like I said, still working on that one.DSC_0097

DSC_0181Well, why not make a collage of jewelry? Or rather, a jewelry display on this board, with all the nice cords strung across it. Of course, the weight will be too much, after a while, so several push pins were placed judiciously, keeping the cords from sagging or breaking. After I’d hung up most of the earrings, I realized I could put most of my necklaces on it, too, which were a little more difficult to place, without creating a tangled mess that no jewelry could be retrieved from. But eventually, you figure out the best way to design it.DSC_1016-001

And with that, my poor jewelry stand, brought all the way from Australia, had nothing on it but headbands. I’m still not sure it’s the best use for it, as they all have different weights and don’t hang up to advantage. You know, the design piece on each one is heavier than the band, so it wants to follow the dictates of gravity, for some reason, rather than stay up in the air, to look pretty for all viewers. Strange how that works. But until I find a better use for my Aussie stand, I’ll leave “her” as is.DSC_1017

DSC_1019I was quite pleased with the end result to the gift card board, though I’m still not a fan of the color. Obviously, a blue board was never meant to hang on my green and white wallpaper. But as I wasn’t crafty enough (or didn’t plan enough ahead) to buy fabric and drape it on it (that would be WAY too much work for me), I’ll just swing with it for now. At least I can see all my earrings, and rotate them for work. I wonder what the professors who like to compliment me on my “collection” would think, if they could see the entire display?DSC_1021

DSC_1022While I still don’t really understand or have a significant interest in Pinterest (I’m trying, people, I’m trying!), I did create an account with a picture of the gift card board. Maybe one of these days, I’ll pin a picture of the jewelry stand, too. Also, there’s a change jar at work, made of soup lids, that I still need to take a picture of. I’ve been told I should pin that, too, but I don’t think it’s THAT interesting. When I remember to take my PowerShot camera to work again, I’ll try and do it.DSC_1007

The really funny thing is that I don’t consider myself all that “into” jewelry, though I do enjoy wearing it. But some of the bigger earrings were bought purposefully to defeat the effects of my work shirt’s dinginess. Is it working? I sure hope so.DSC_1008DSC_1010

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