out with the old glasses, in with the new…

There was an actual point to my day with the aviators, remember? I had to have my eyes checked and dilated. Of course, nothing was wrong with them, and my prescription hadn’t changed much. But I still needed a new prescription, in order to get more contacts. That’s why I haven’t worn them much, lately, because I was saving my last pair.DSC_0911

My old glasses aren’t in very bad shape, but they had picked up a handful of annoying scratches, over the last five or six years. And some of the purple paint is coming off. So, I was ready for something new. Here, you can see one of my recent self-portraits, with the old ones. Also, I was reveling in feeling pretty, all dressed up for church. I don’t get to feel that every day, at work.  : )  And the great thing about self-portraits is you can make as many ridiculous faces as you want, in order to get a good one. There’s no one on the opposite end of the camera to tell you how ridiculous you look. Or to tell you to hurry up, for that matter. DSC_0902

The new glasses arrived, and I’m still getting used to the new look. As you can see, they’re quite a noticeable blue… at least I think so. I have yet to have a single college student say anything, but I figure it’s because they’re either unobservant or afraid they’re wrong about them being new. Ever commented on someone’s “new” hair style, and then found they’d had it for two months? Yeah, that. Such a fun feeling.IMG_8822

IMG_8820But while I was at the eye doctor’s, before my eye dilation reached complete blindness, I really liked how this one pair looked, compared to the others. The others were either “blah” or just like the old ones. And I didn’t even touch the bigger frames or the see-through ones. I like different frames that make you look like you’re wearing them. If I want my glasses to be invisible, then I just wear contacts.  : )  I think (or at least hope) that these frames make my eyes “pop”. DSC_1000

DSC_1002What do you think? These pictures didn’t completely satisfy me, just taken by the natural light coming through my window on an almost-snowy day. I hope to take some better ones, soon, but the closeups were necessary to show off the funky frames. DSC_1003-001

P.S. Now, here I am on the following Sunday (a week after the first set of Sunday pictures). The sky is a clear blue which makes for great natural lighting, except the glare can wash you out and reflect off the new glasses. So, how to take advantage of the beautiful day AND still get a fairly decent picture? Try out every piece of shade in the front yard that doesn’t have a backdrop covered in spiderwebs. You know, the brick wall on the front porch, the wooden arbor, or the one strip of shade under the oak tree. DSC_1025

I couldn’t completely cut out the glare in every photo, but I like how our flag is reflecting off my glasses in the first picture. The rose arbor (minus any roses, at present) makes for some more interesting patches of sunlight, trying to catch you unawares. And once I was out in the open, under the oak tree, the wind began to pick up, causing some strange reflections of my hair, off the camera and onto the glasses (I think). Those aren’t shown here. I looked like I had spider legs for my lower eyelashes, which is a very creepy effect.DSC_1027

Overall, I think I think I’m satisfied with how these look, and that you can really see the glasses. Because of how they’re dark blue on the front and light blue on the inside, I find that sometimes, they look dark enough to be black. And then I step into the outdoors, and they light up. It’s very strange and fun, at the same time. DSC_1029

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