i think i like to write…

I made myself read another chapter or two of The Book of Three, before coming downstairs and getting on the computer. I slogged my way through, and perhaps the story is starting to grow on me, especially after Gurgi showed up. But then I find him to remind me a lot of Gollum, so I’m waiting for more of the differentiating characteristics. Yes, I know he’s hairy, like a wolfhound, but he started off by trying to strangle Taran, talks in a very strange manner, and does a lot of whining about the cruelty of the masters. I do know, of course, that he’s a lot nicer than Gollum, so I’m waiting for the whole story to improve, too.

You see, I’m getting more addicted to my blogging and writing, and it’s affecting my reading goals for the year. Dreadful, isn’t it? I’m three books behind schedule on Goodreads, which is unheard of, for me. Do you realize, it took me two weeks to read Ben Shapiro’s Bullies, despite it being a completely fascinating and awesome read? That’s how into my writing I’ve been getting, that I write and write, or edit and edit some more, and then I’m too tired to read. I think my usual program of getting all the fiction in at the beginning of the month was a good plan. Now, if I could just find some fiction that I want to read!

Going to the gym has cut into my free time, as well, but I don’t consider that a bad thing.  : )  My original goal for the year was to get hooked on going to the gym, and it’s working. I still have no specific weight-loss goals, but I can see the difference in my clothes, and enjoy it when the scale decides to change with them, too. It’s a nice feeling when I can see improvements in my endurance and strength on the track, as well as the other machines. My foot continues to act up, as if it’s annoyed with me for giving it a regular pounding, but even that is getting better, when I run.

At work, I’ve been working on the… well, I suppose it’s actually “small talk”, right? Blast it, I hate small talk. I like to have interesting conversations with people, not just the bubbly, frothy stuff. But when you only have a minute or two with every customer, you have to either stick with the run-of-the-mill “How’s it going?” and “Have a good one!”, or for the regulars, you come up with different things to ask them. Try and show some interest in what they’re doing, or ask them an interesting question that gets (or startles) a response out of them.

It’s tricky, because I’m used to being able to have longer conversations with people, and this short stuff frustrates me. I manage it with a few of them, though, because I know a little bit about some of their projects, or know when they’re exhausted from grading a million papers, before being able to work on their own research. Some of them never seem to stop, even to sleep, while some occasionally get their weekends off. I suppose if I knew what they actually did in those labs of theirs, I’d have even more fun, but short, conversations with them.

But if I’m looking for a good conversation, I should be getting it soon! I have a road trip scheduled for the beginning of March, so I get to start work early, leave early…. and drive to Pennsylvania! Ok, I know that most of you wouldn’t be thrilled by that kind of schedule, but I just love the fact that I’m going. And that it’s a road trip. I love road trips! Even if I have to get up for work at 5am, in order to not have to take the work day off. I’ll arrive at my destination by midnight, get to enjoy the remaining 36 hours of my conference, and then drive back on Sunday. Could it be any more awesome?

No, I’m actually not being sarcastic. I enjoy long road trips, getting to listen to music, and just enjoying the freedom of the road, with no responsibilities, aside from not getting in an accident (or getting pulled over). If I get to spend 1.5 days, or more, with my best friends, see other friends that I haven’t seen in months (I used to live there, remember), and hear some wonderful messages from the Word of God, then the weekend is a total win for me. I know plenty of people that would only see the terrible amount of driving involved, and that would ruin it for them.

I think I’ll stop now, as I have a few blog posts coming up with subjects I don’t want to teeter over into. I can be a danger to myself, (or maybe just to my blog) when I get to rambling!

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