and then they went to war…

While preparing to wander through downtown Clemson, I was waiting for the light to change, so I could cross over to the Subway corner. But I was sidetracked by a statue sitting in front of Mell Hall. I’d never notice Mell Hall before, either. It’s the home of the people who find housing for students, I believe.DSC_0856

But after my time visiting the Military Heritage Plaza, the Scroll of Honor Memorial, and Memorial Park, I keep my eye out for other statues and memorials of interest. This one was dedicated to and by the class of 1944. There were so many brave men that fought in World War II.DSC_0856-001

And here’s a plaque that I came across, by the Carillon Gardens, which I hadn’t noticed before. The Carillon Gardens (where my brother and I were playing disc golf) were dedicated to the men of the Class of 1943, especially the ones who made the ultimate sacrifice in the armed forces. DSC_0777

Have you ever read any World War I or World War II histories? These brave men were so far before our time, but that doesn’t change the fact that they gave their lives for their country. Let’s not forget their sacrifice.

2 thoughts on “and then they went to war…

  1. First, Thank you for your Clemson Military Heritage page. Second, God Bless all who have sacrificed their lives in some way for this country. I am a third generation Clemson grad and my grandfather was a Cadet and football player in the early 50’s. Clemson provided more officers than ANY American Institution next to West Point and Texas A&M during WWII as well as Medal of Honor recipients. Upon Clemson Agriculture College of South Carolina becoming ‘official’ in 1889, all students were required to take Military Science and Drilling classes. ROTC was required up until the early 70’s I believe. Clemson’s Company C-4 Pershing Rifles won the General John Joseph Pershing National Drill Competition at OSU for the 6th time in 7yrs in 2011. We are still steeped in military tradition. We always remember what Alumnus Roy Pearce Class of ’41 said….”All were great men and we’ll never let them down, never!”

    • I had not heard that quote before. Thank you for sharing, and thank you for your kind words! I am grateful for all the sacrifices of our military, over the years, and hope no one ever forgets why we still have our freedoms today. I am still looking around campus, but please let me know if there’s another memorial or statue that I need to see! Like the men they were meant to honor, these memorials shouldn’t be forgotten.

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