love is a many-splendored thing…

Did you have a Valentine’s Day date? Well, if you mean the one where you (or do I mean I?) get dressed to the nines to go out with a boyfriend/girlfriend, then I didn’t have one. I had the better option. Alright, I’m not against Valentine’s Day dates, but if you don’t have a special someone to spend it with, how about spending it with several special someones? You know, like your family?DSC_0924

DSC_0930I have to admit, if someone had randomly asked me out on Valentine’s Day, it would’ve had to be someone I really liked or who was really in earnest (or something), because I knew the kind of dinner spread that was probably waiting for me at home. And since I was in Australia, last year, I had forgotten how my mom sometimes goes all out on this day.DSC_0922

DSC_0927Two of my brothers and I were home for dinner, and my poor cousin was seriously tempted to stay, but he still went to see his family. But come on, wouldn’t you have given into temptation and stayed? I joked with my mom that if a guy asked me out, I could bring him home for dinner instead. You know, meet the parents in one fell swoop… then, of course, they’d probably never come back. Who could take that kind of pressure, with the parents AND the brothers at the table.  : )DSC_0931

DSC_0928It hadn’t actually occurred to me to get my camera out, at first. I was still in my gym clothes and tired from a long day, when I realized what was being suggested. Oh, and some crazy person had flashed their brights at me, three times, on the way home. So, we went and checked my brake lights and everything, but everything seemed to be fine. I wasn’t driving slow, either!DSC_0933

When it was mentioned that my brother in Florida might “have a fit” when he saw we were having shrimp cocktails without him, I went to get my camera. If that isn’t a good reason to take pictures, I don’t know what is.DSC_0920

DSC_0921It was so nice to finally dig into that cheesecake. It was sitting on the counter when I got home last night, but we weren’t allowed to have any yet. I know, I live such a hard life. It isn’t like I was deprived of dessert today, either, as my manager’s boyfriend brought us a cake. I’m still not sure what kind it was, but I think it was something like snickerdoodle pound cake, because of all the cinnamon. Really yummy.DSC_0945

DSC_0950And of course, we got the usual joy of watching the college girls bring my co-worker some Valentine cookies, while he laid the compliments on THICK (“the mere joy of your presence is enough for me”). The resulting chorus of “Awwwwww” from the girls was both funny and cringe-worthy. I resisted the urge to hit my head against the wall. He knows better than to try it on me, because I’ll either laugh or hit him. Ok, ok, if a nice guy said something like that to me, I wouldn’t be against it… especially if he said it like a normal person, not like he just fell off his white steed.DSC_0934

Back to dinner… I don’t like cocktail sauce, so I decided to enjoy my mustard and mayonnaise mixture with my shrimp, though I’m perfectly happy to eat them plain. This is a horrifying concoction, to those of my relatives that HATE mustard, with a passion.  : )DSC_0935

DSC_0936So, what would we be discussing on such a loving, romantic holiday as this? Nothing more fun than getting into a discussion of the Cold War, Soviet Russia, the presidents from Woodrow Wilson to Ronald Reagan, and a lot of the history in between. What did YOU talk about on your date? Oh, wait, don’t tell me. It was probably mushy.

DSC_0952And to finish out my night, I finally remembered to open the Valentine that was sitting on my bed. My darling cousin sent it to me. Yes, aside from my mom’s splendiforous cooking, that was my only Valentine on this holiday. But you know what? I couldn’t ask for more than to spend time with my family and hear from my friends and relatives that I love. Could you?DSC_0956

P.S. The flowers aren’t mine, they’re my mom’s.  : )  Didn’t my dad do a good job?DSC_0949DSC_0942

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