what do you think it is?

Ever since I started my job, my co-workers and I have debated, on and off, what this statue across the street is. There’s no plaque in front of it  to explain anything about it. Located directly in front of Sirrine Hall, and up the hill from Hunter Hall, it’s a bit of an oddity. Well, I think it is.DSC_0825

I tend to think of it as “The Ballerina-Giraffe”, kind of a distant cousin to Angelina Ballerina, because it slightly resembles a dancer with too many legs. So, there’s the fun of not knowing which had us coming up with some great ideas. By the way, in case you hadn’t figured it out, I am no art critic…. though I can be extremely critical of art.  : )

Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it), my boss’s friend majored in whatever Sirrine Hall students major in…. um, textile management, or some such thing. I guess even textiles need to be managed. To my surprise, he called his buddy on the phone and asked him what it was.DSC_0824

Have you guessed yet? I think it’s more obvious in the second picture, which is why I didn’t post that one first. It’s supposed to be a microscope. But according to another website, it’s supposed to look like both a microscope and a human figure, made of welded steel. It’s called “Shift-Ascend”. So, I guess I wasn’t so far off on my ballerina guesstimate.  : )

Now, if someone could just tell me why there are strange non-gargoyle-ish heads on the side of Riggs Hall!

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