i’m no dating guru…

I know, I know, I have another post going up for Valentine’s Day, but I thought that a few of my new readers might like to see last year’s. That, and this is the first time I’ve re-blogged anything, so I’m experimenting. Enjoy!

Sing Like No One's Listening

I have never been on a date. In fact, in my own opinion, I’ve never officially been asked out. But a few people might differ with me on that. When I was in high school, I was so revolted by the serial dating scene that since then, I’ve never been able to consider high school dating as real dating. You can ask my younger brother, if you don’t believe me. With a few exceptions, it’s all stupidity in the high school years (and the stupidity often continues for a while, afterwards).

After I graduated, I worked in a book store, and a random German guy asked me to have coffee with him. I’m sorry, but “Have coffee with me? I need a girlfriend.” wasn’t the usual response to my question of “May I help you?”, when I was the resident magazine lady. I was so startled (and slightly alarmed) that…

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