missing my darlings…

It’s a day for memories, I think. I miss my sweethearts, so much. They’re growing up without me, and my Bub doesn’t look like a bubby anymore. I know, because someone posted a few pics on FB. It was shocking how big she’s getting! She’s almost 3, for crying out loud! When I arrived in Australia, she was 10 months old and not yet walking. DSC_0353

DSC_0389DSC_0419But you know, even when the memories make you want to laugh and cry at the same time, you wouldn’t give up those memories for anything. I’m going to see them again, someday, when I scrape together the time and money to travel over there.DSC_0509

DSC_0513DSC_0518My darlings were on my mind, as I have a Skype date with an Aussie friend tonight. Haven’t talked to her in almost 10 months, so this is an exciting day for me! I get to speak to someone in Australia, with a real Aussie accent! And maybe I’ll sound overly American to them, too. It’s always possible.  : )DSC_0349DSC_0358

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