call it crazy…

Ohhh, that weather. I never would’ve believed the forecast might be correct, because yesterday, it said that today’s weather would be in the 50’s. The FIFTIES! And yet, various people were telling me about the possibility of snow and freezing rain. But then, I woke up early (had to go get my paycheck, remember?) and read the forecast. Freezing drizzle, freezing rain, and sleet…. maybe with snow flurries mixed in. I looked out the window to see lots of dry ground outside, but the skies that looked like grey drifts of snow.

With that, I scrambled to get to work and then to the bank, before any rain could start to fall. After some veg-out time at Starbucks, I arrived way too early for work, but who wants to be driving on campus, if the cold stuff begins to fall? Nothing happened until late morning, and then they canceled classes. Rain and sleet began to fall, with the promise of precipitation slacking off by evening… but of course, all that  water on the ground will make for roads covered in sheets of ice.

My poor coworkers had to figure out how to get home, because the CAT (Clemson Area Transit) buses stopped running to Anderson. The ground began to turn white in a few spots, as the sleet began to pile up. And then it stopped, with almost every student (even the grad students!) clearing out of the area. After much boredom and lots of cleaning up in advance, we closed at our normal time, which was fine, because I enjoy getting paid. I had to scrape the ice off of my windshield before leaving the parking lot, which was unusual.

Before any Northerners start wondering why I’m complaining (I’m not) about our weather, as we really don’t have it that bad (oh, yes, I know what the weather’s like in PA right now), guess what the temperature’s supposed to be tomorrow? Almost 60 degrees. So, let’s just pray there are no car accidents on icy roads tonight, and tomorrow, we’ll be back to spring in January.

If the bad weather had decided to linger, my co-worker would have been introduced to what happens after an ice storm in the South… exploding pine trees. You know, when the sap freezes and the evergreens aren’t tough enough to take it, so they just burst (or something like that). And then, falling trees brings down the power lines. And that’s not even beginning to cover the fact that most people in the South don’t know how to drive in snowy or icy weather.

So, no, I’m not complaining about our weather, just presenting the notion that Southern weather is just plain crazy.

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