rambling through the day…

My requirements for a blog theme are relatively simple. No sidebars. Or rather, I want as much of the screen to be covered with writing and/or pictures as possible. So, every once in a while, when I go review my theme options, I fall back on my old favorites. But when I found the Book Lite theme, it allowed me to highlight some of my photographs, as well as my writing. Also, for the newbies that find their way to this blog, there are now footers that will help them navigate the morass. Or am I supposed to say that the widgets in the footers will help them? I’m not even sure how to put that in a sentence.

As much as I liked the new theme, something still wasn’t quite right, until I changed the side panels of the page to black, then things looked and felt more contained. And changing the pictures for every single page was quite fun, even though look through my Australia pictures can be heart-wrenching. I miss those girls something terrible.

My workday was a little busier than usual, though I haven’t figured out why. It’s not like we have bread and milk for the students to make a run on, with the prediction of snow or ice tonight. If it actually happens, I don’t expect it to last, as it’s supposed to be in the 50’s tomorrow. But while at work, I managed to smash my finger in the cash register drawer, forget to bring my paycheck home (after my boss made a special trip for it), and have the coffee run out during an unexpected 3pm rush. How did that happen?

You would think that letting the coffee run out wouldn’t be that big of a deal, since I wasn’t being lazy, just busy at the register. But when I was growing up, my dad and my grandpa couldn’t live without their coffee, and I still tend to think that those who are working or studying very hard shouldn’t be deprived of their caffeine. Watching any of the regulars (grad students and professors) leave the building without their coffee (time constraints, you know) did not leave me very happy, even if it wasn’t my fault. Silly of me, I know.

Hmmm…. what else? If you have a Kindle, I was just checking out the free e-books available on Amazon, and I discovered that Brian Jacques’ Redwall is available! Did I mention it’s free? Check it out now, the price may go up tomorrow, for all I know. Of course, I’ve read it a hundred times (or something like that), but I’m sure there are others out there that still need to read it. Enjoyable for both children and grownups, this is Jacques’ starting book to the entire wonderful series. And I still can’t get over the fact that there will never be another new Redwall book, since Brian Jacques’ died.

Meanwhile, on my lovely friend Jaci’s blog, Me and My SoldierMan, she’s having a giveaway for the New Year, involving a Starbucks gift card and OPI nail polish. I will admit to knowing next to nothing about nail polish (it doesn’t last long when I play my guitar), they sound like lovely prizes to me. I’m always up for free coffee, especially! Also, f you’ve never read her blog, you should stop by! Not only are the book/movie reviews and puppy stories great, but her discussions of current events are fascinating (and spot on).

We’re almost to February… how did that happen? Nothing much happening in that month, unless curiosity about how college students behave around Valentine’s Day counts. We don’t sell flowers, so maybe we won’t get to see anything interesting happen… or maybe we’ll have some teary students. You wouldn’t believe how having a credit card declined and not being able to pay for lunch brings all the stresses of the day/week/month to the surface.

But in MARCH, I am hope-hope-hoping that I will be able to attend a conference in PA, but I’m not certain I can afford it, at present. I’m ready for a road trip, not having been anywhere out of state since… November. That’s forever! Ok, I exaggerate, but I love a good road trip, especially if it takes me 10 hours from here. That puts me within short driving distance (3 hours or less) of most of my friends and one of my best friend-cousins. So, if you think of it, pray I’ll be able to go.

Oh, and I almost forgot. A lady came in to work with her 1 year old toddler, and of course, the poor darling was ready for her nap. But I didn’t mind the initial howling. Every time a child walks into our location (admittedly, not very often), I enjoy talking to them, and wish more came through. I’m sorry, college students are just NOT as interesting, though some are great fun to talk to. I’m longing to be a nanny again, if possible, or maybe I just miss my Aussie darlings. The sweet toddler made me miss my Bub, who is no longer a baby, as she approaches the age of three. How did THAT happen, again? I can’t quite realize it, because she always remains an almost 2 year old, in my mind.

So, that’s a bit of everything happening right now. I have such an exciting life, right?  ; )  More photos taken around Clemson, soon, I promise!

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