i love trees…

I often post pictures of flowers on this blog, but that’s because they’re so easy to photograph. But when I’m out on a hike, and not looking for a photo opportunity, my true love is for the trees. Ask anyone that’s ever been hiking with me. I will stop and check out any tree that looks like it would be fun to climb. Mind you, I don’t generally leave these hikes in order to climb any trees. That’s something to do when nobody’s around.DSC_0576

Anyway, I find trees extremely difficult to photograph. All the green and brown seems to run together, leaving your eyes confused over what to settle on. I suppose you could say that trees aren’t very photogenic. It probably doesn’t bother them like it does us, though.DSC_0577

The best trees for climbing are magnolias, with their branches that come right down to the ground, lack of sap (ever tried climbing a pine tree?), and generally strong branches. I’ve scared a few of my friends, in the past, because they’re not into heights. That’s why it’s more fun to climb trees when no one is around to commentate. Except for one of my brothers, who would join me on some tree-climbing expeditions, when we were younger. There aren’t any good magnolia trees right near our house, so we had to venture well into the woods, where my neighbor and I once discovered an abandoned garden. Nope, no walls or locked doors, but definitely a green labyrinth, full of fascinating paths, that any child would love to get lost in. Also, full of the requisite magnolia trees, down in the bottom section.DSC_0578

Near my workplace, there are several magnolias that I like to look at, and at least once, I’ve sat on one of the lower branches to eat my lunch. So far, I have not tried to climb it, though. Probably there are rules against such things at Clemson? What would it be like to get the first ticket for climbing a tree? Maybe if I threw a frisbee up there, and had to go fetch it…DSC_0579

That, and I wonder if the people in the Chemistry building would think I was spying on them. Nope, no tree-climbing on campus for me. Sigh.DSC_0580

And so, because I’m a fraidy-cat, I just enjoy looking at them. Some are just plain cool looking, wouldn’t you say? The above black-and-white photo really is of a branch, not a tree trunk. I took that while seated on a lower branch. And I just love the twists and turns to the tree pictured below. Also the crazy looking bark.DSC_0581

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