a quest for the joy in writing…

I started this blog because I was going to Australia, and wanted to share the adventure with others, but it was also to help me remember how much I love to write. The reasons and the goals for beginning this, they’ve been achieved…. and now, I’ve lost my purpose.

Don’t misunderstand, this is not a preface to informing you that I’m finished with this blog. But I’ve been struggling to find things to write about, without the neverending delight of children to share about. No offense to college students and college professors, but they just aren’t as interesting as kids. So, my job as a cashier is not a source for hilarious stories that I want to share.

I’ve been struggling with this for a while now, feeling guilty that I’m not writing, telling myself I should go do something interesting or go visit a new and exciting place. But then I run into another problem, being a little short on money right now. Yes, I may seem a bit reclusive to some, but it’s because I’m trying to spend my money wisely, and this doesn’t allow for weekly road trips.

And if you’re paying any attention to the news right now, I’m extremely distracted by the political situation, and the recent attacks in Libya, which resulted in the murders of our countrymen. I spend a lot of time on my computer, keeping up with the news.

When I’m not working or keeping up with foreign policy, I’ve been taking baby steps on what I call my “little writing project”, which has something to do with my Australia blogs. I won’t explain further, but once I get past being scared of starting, I’ll be heavily involved with that. So, I’m already stumped about what to write on this blog, and then my conscience is bothering me about something else that I should be doing. However, once I start, I will enjoy it, I know. It’s a funny cycle.

And so, while I’ve become aware of the boringness of college students, I’m looking into some local nanny agencies, so that maybe sometime in the future, I’ll have more nanny tales to share with you. Until then, I’m taking some “official” time off from this blog, anywhere from two weeks to a month, while I sort out what my future plans are for this blog.

I used to write what I wanted, and not care what anyone thought of it. Now, I write what’s somewhat interesting to me, and then go check my stats to see if others agree. Which is not the way to make you feel good about yourself, judging yourself by blog statistics. This needs to change.

When I return, I will have a game plan for the future, perhaps that I will write one blog every two weeks, on any particular subject, but I will really take my time over it, and give it my all. Some sort of goal to reach for, a rule to follow, until I see what the Lord has for me next, job-wise. A life of cashiering is not for me, and so, I need to look for my next occupation.

I hope you will bear with me, and come back to reading my blog, when I return. I’m going looking for the joy in writing, because I misplaced it somewhere. Thanks for being there for me, up til now!

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