being gainfully employed…

There is something to be said for having a job. I have been without one for some time, and sure, you find things to do, in order to keep yourself busy. But there is something about having a steady form of employment, where you’re rewarded with a paycheck. I express it that way, because there are some jobs, like motherhood, where you work your tail off, but don’t get a regular paycheck. You get other wonderful rewards from the good and the bad of that wonderful work.

Anyway, I just started a part-time job. The hours aren’t endless, the work isn’t hard, and the pay isn’t excessive. But when my earnings are deposited in the bank, I know that I earned them on my own. It occurs to me that there are many people who would rather be supported by the welfare system than to even TRY and get a job. Yes, I know that many people are searching for jobs, looking hard, and can’t find work. I’m only mentioning those that become complaisant, and would rather let the government support them.

So, back to the working world, and I’m very thankful to be there. Maybe I’ll be able to share some more interesting stories with you, soon. Or at least afford to go on a trip. Speaking of which… a week and a half before the Labor Day Conference! Road trip!

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