the local wildlife…

Our friendly neighborhood woodchuck (also known as a groundhog) has been pretty busy in our backyard, this last week. I caught him boxing daisies, a few days back. Well, it looked like he was boxing them, as he seemed to be hitting them in order to get them to bounce back into his mouth. Perhaps that’s easier than pulling them? Earlier, I saw him going over to the neighbor’s house, examining a ditch they’d dug next to the garage door. There weren’t any daisies in it, so I wasn’t sure what he was up to.

But while I had to explain what a wood chuck was to an Aussie friend of mine (it looks a bit like Mr. Beaver from Narnia, without the accent), I was remembering those really funny videos on YouTube, from BBC, about “talking animals”. Of course, the most famous one is the groundhog that constantly shouts for “Alan”, until it occurs to him that maybe the guy’s name was Steve. If you’ve never seen them, check it out (Talking Animals). I can’t find the one that was my original favorite, but it’s got most of the best in there. It’s also a pretty good example of some American animals that Aussies may never have seen before, like the groundhog, badger, and chipmunk.

Yes, I know beavers and groundhogs aren’t exactly alike, but I did look them up, and they look similar, as well as being related. I think a groundhog could even be called a “land-beaver”, in some instances.

We haven’t seen our local hawk or deer, recently. The deer (sometimes one, sometimes several) like to eat our crab apples, since nobody else does, and they’re welcome to them. And the hawk likes to perch on one of our volleyball net posts (perhaps he played volleyball in a past life?). I think he’s mocking us, because he knows we don’t have a good enough camera lens to take good pictures. He’s probably sticking his tongue out at us, whenever we peer through the shades, hoping to catch him unaware.

I guess this just means I’ll have to get a better, longer zoom lens for my camera, because I can’t have the local wildlife laughing at me, behind my back (or rather, behind my house).

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