i hate lightbulbs…

You know, I like Lowe’s. That’s not a slam against Home Depot, I actually enjoy most hardware stores, especially if they have even more than just tools in there. Nor am I knocking tools. I get a kick out of owning my own tools. When I lived alone, it was MY tape measure, not one that I had borrowed from my neighbor. And I had TWO hammers to choose from, for crying out loud! Along with the rest of my complete tool set that my mom bought me.

Of course, my house projects usually included hanging pictures, and leaving extra holes in the wall if I didn’t get it lined up properly, the first time. But the day that I hung three framed as-tall-as-I-am posters on the wall, spaced them properly, and did all the measuring and lifting on my own… that was a special day. Nobody needed to know that it took fifteen tries to get my Lord of the Rings poster (or was it Star Wars?) on that teeny hook. And they were all level with each other, by golly!

Anyway, when I got to Lowe’s, all I wanted was a multiple outlet strip and, possibly, a light bulb. Can I just tell you, if I’d gone in there for JUST a light bulb, it would have ruined my day. I’m already completely nauseated by the fact that our government has outlawed the good old Thomas Edison bulb, so it didn’t help to see a few light bulbs that looked NORMAL being sold as “vintage”, while they were more expensive. After that, the new bulbs don’t seem brighter than the old ones, at first, but I find them blinding. If you have a ceiling fan with 3 or 4 bulbs in it, forget being able to look towards the ceiling again.

Without even mentioning the possible dangers involved with breaking one, I then have to look at all the wattage amounts and somehow figure out that a 60 watt normal bulb converts into a new bulb 23 watt (or something like that). And that’s before you add in the screw-on bulbs and the ones with… metal bolt doohickeys on them.

By the time I left the bulbs behind, I think I had a permanently confused/peeved expression on my face, which is why the next two store employees asked if I needed help finding something. But no, I like wandering, so I went through the appliances and the storage/shelving section, before looking for extension cords. Shelves mean places to put books (or a handy-dandy place to keep something my 2nd amendment protects). I could spend a long time looking at shelves, if I had money to spend on them.

I did have to ask for help to find the surge protectors, because they were hiding them in plain sight, on the end of one of the aisles. What happened to putting extras on display at the end, but keeping them in the regular section, too? I don’t think that’s quite fair. Like many people before me, I felt a bit idiotic for having missed them. But at least I was in the right place.

My brief foray into the beating hot sun complete, I returned home to see if my light bulbs would fit into onto my ceiling fan, and hoping I’d picked a dim enough one. It’s bad enough I can only use 2 of the 3 sockets, because three is way too bright. Turns out, they work just fine, I can’t look at the bulbs at all, because they’re brilliant. And I happened to get those ones that are supposed to look like “daylight”, which left my brain confused over how it could look like the sun was out, when the shades were closes. Oh, well. Light bulbs just won’t let me win.

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