a cuppa & some cake…

Have you ever found the perfect coffee mug or teacup? From the moment you pick it up, it just fits perfectly into your hand. The shape of the handle, the size of the mug, all seem tailored just for you. And then no one else understands why you persist in always using that set of teacups. Mind you, I don’t think my other cups get jealous, but in the interest of not wearing out the best ones, I’d rotate between sets.

In my storage unit, I have a handful of coffee mugs that I bought at Hallmark, with designs from the original Winnie the Pooh, and sayings about friends and loved ones. But as cute as they are, I used them all the time because they were just the perfect size. When I filled it to the brim with french vanilla or amaretto flavored coffee, they were, in the immortal words of Goldilocks, “just right”. So, I found another one, the other day, and have been enjoying it ever since. Because the rest of them are in a box, somewhere in Pennsylvania. Sad, but true.

Perhaps you’ve been wondering what I’ve been up to, and why I haven’t been writing. It’s not because I’m huddled in a heap of misery, or buried in depression. As you read before this, the Lord really brought me through the trouble of the last few weeks, and being home has resolved it. Of course, being home also seems to be license to be lazy, but I really am going to a job fair, in a few days!

It’s not really that I’m just being lazy, but there’s also the slight issue of needing money to spend if you go places. Eventually, you run out of gas. So, in the interest of trying to conserve my funds, I haven’t been very far afield, recently. Therefore, there’s nothing exciting to tell you! Well, no new places traveled to, with glorious pictures to share. I’ll start going places again, eventually. I really want to go visit Whitewater Falls, one of these years, but I think I’ll wait until my brother gets back, and then we can take another friend or two with us.

Meanwhile, I’ve been participating in the exciting task of unpacking my suitcases (I know, again!), and sorting out my room. In order to get my dresser back into my old room, we had to stack the bunk bed up again (we had separate beds on the floor), and then my bookshelf came upstairs, too. As I loaded it up, it really made me miss my library, as it was in Pennsylvania. Someday, I’m going to have it set up again. But until then, here’s the small version.

I find that I have little Australia reminders almost everywhere I look. My Akubras hang on the side of the bunk bed, while my framed pictures of my Bubby are now on the wall. I found my Aussie coasters, which picture jackaroos wearing their Driza-bone waterproof coats (shades of The Man from Snowy River films, if you recall). The books I brought from Australia are on the bottom shelf, all together, along with my painted clap-sticks (Aboriginal percussion instruments).

The Mr. Men buckets and stickers are still in honor of my kids in Australia. I have happy memories of reading the books to my girls and watching the show with them, while I folded laundry. And the buckets do come in handy, when hanging on my shelf’s pegs, for storing small items.

Also, I’ve been to our local library, and brought home a pile of books to work my way through, but I’m still reading several on my Kindle. At present, I’m almost through reading The Tyranny of Cliches: How Liberals Cheat in the War of Ideas, by Jonah Goldberg. Intermittently, I split the reading between that one and several books of short stories by L. M. Montgomery.

In case you’re wondering (after seeing some of the pictures), my sense of humor is tickled by certain aspects of decorating. For example, I have these awesome Lord of the Rings statues, made by Weta Workshop. And then, as a belated Christmas present, my friends gave me some Lord of the Rings PEZ containers. So, it amuses me to display them next to each other. Also, the stuffed wombat goes really well with the statue of Gandalf, don’t you think?

By the way, it’s my brother’s birthday, today, but since I’m eating healthy right now, I can’t have any cake. So, instead of eating it, I share the pictures with you, so that you can drool and perhaps go enjoy some cake for me. Don’t worry, I’m doing fine with it. There’ll be other birthdays with our traditional birthday cake. And one of these years, I’m going to make some Aussie pavlova! Ah, I look forward to that day.

Sorry for all the rambling, but things really have been looking up for me! Have a great week, and I’ll let you know when I’m gainfully employed once more!  : )

One thought on “a cuppa & some cake…

  1. It’s fun to have a peek at some of your books! I just finished and enjoyed “Miss Julia Meets Her Match” by Ann Ross. I see you have a couple of others in that series. If you haven’t already come across a book titled “Wildflower Hill” by Kimberley Freeman, judging by what I see on you shelves, I think there’s a good chance you would enjoy it. I mention it because the author is Australian. 🙂

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