coffee & broccoli make my day…

My recent eating plan has involved eating lots of chicken, mostly because I’m too cheap or too lazy to buy steak, and I don’t really know how to cook fish. So, I cook a bunch of it ahead of time, often in the microwave, and heat up a portion for lunch and dinner. When I was at home, I rotated that with shrimp or a steak that wasn’t getting eaten by anyone else. But for now, my meals seemed a trifle dull, when I discovered that my new home has a cabinet full of grilling spices! Of course, this makes me hopeful for what else we might grill, this summer.

So, while Mr. Boss was getting dinner ready, I was chatting with him about what I’ve been eating, and getting out my frozen chicken and broccoli. And then finally realized he was making broccoli, so I put mine away. If you want to know how slightly out-of-it I can be, after a full day of work (at least this week), he had mostly finished slicing up a rotisserie chicken (that’s a hot chook, if you speak Aussie), when it finally registered what they were having for dinner. For some reason, when I’d first glimpsed it, I thought it was breaded and fried chicken, which I can’t have. Yeah, I felt really smart.

But the nice part was that I could sit down for dinner with the family, and let my other chicken breasts cook in the oven, with a garlic and herb medley grilling spice sprinkled thoroughly over them. Boy, did they smell good when they came out of the oven. Meanwhile, I was feeling like I’d had a high treat, because they’d put some butter on the broccoli. I know, it’s sad, but there it is.

After dinner and cooking was over, I headed to Walmart. I know, I was just there, but I keep forgetting things, and I like wandering around. Besides, I was more hopeful of finding some apples than I would be at the grocery section of Target. It’s bigger than I’m used to, but I don’t think they have fresh fruit. The rest of that trip included getting a handful of photos printed, and picking up a brush and toilet bowl cleaner for my bathroom. Don’t I have an exciting life? I had fun looking through the book section, again, and forced myself to leave the Zane Grey and Louis L’Amour books alone. I mean, come on, Mr. Boss has a whole crate of L’Amour books in the basement, just down the hall, why should I buy any more? Don’t answer that.

Down the coffee aisle I went. I don’t think I’ve ever smelled a more fragrantly delicious coffee aisle in a store before, ever. Searching for the source, I discovered that the area where you grind your coffee is loaded down with a brand called Cameron’s. Never heard of them before. But check out the link, if you want (Cameron’s Flavored Coffee). From Coconut Creme, Amaretto, Buttered Rum, and Chocolate Caramel Brownie to Toasted Southern Pecan, White Chocolate Obsession, and Tropical Vanilla… the choices just don’t let up. I want to eat all the actual desserts, not just drink the coffee!

But first, I need to find out whether Mr. Boss is bothered by having flavored coffee put through his coffee maker. You know, some coffee people are bothered by the very existence of flavored coffee. Don’t ask me why, I’ve been drinking the flavored stuff since the very beginning, when I was introduced to drinking coffee (with sugar in it), when I was eighteen.

Now, I’m going to put on my fuzzy socks (it’s getting chilly down here), and play a few rounds of Words with Friends. There’s someone I’m still trying to cream at it, but I’ve yet to succeed.

3 thoughts on “coffee & broccoli make my day…

  1. Sounds like you’re adjusting pretty well! I have to give you props, I’m not sure I could ever do a live-in position. Though I’ve been with the family I nanny for, for 2 and a half years, and have done several over nights (which are always a blast!) I just have a hard time turning off work mode, and would find myself working more than I’m paid for…which already happens, but I’m not abou to complain, I LOVE THEM! I hope this family becomes your extended family, because theres nothing harder than not being able to connect with the family.

    • Thanks! Thus far, I’ve been blessed to find families that told me up front that they try very hard to make their nanny’s free time their own. They don’t intrude, and you return the favor by being a part of the family when you’re able, like joining them or dinner. And this family has had several nannies, which usually tells me that they work well with them. Have a good one!

  2. I’m not a flavored coffee kind of gal; I think that it’s extra gracious of you to ask the Mr. before running it through the family coffee machine. The place where I purchase my coffee (they roast and grind on-premises) has two grinders to keep the flavored beans from the unflavored beans for their clientel. As for my perfect cuppa: piping hot and jet black for me, please. (I do love heavy whipping cream from time to time; it’s pure decadence, and no sugar, ever. Well… unless I’m in Italy, but that’s a long comment about coffee for another time!)

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