if coffee actually worked…

Caffeine has no effect on me. None whatsoever. I can even eat chocolate covered coffee beans until the cow comes home, and the only way you or I would notice would be from my increasing waistline, not my hyperactivity. So, if coffee actually had any effect on me, I should be wired for the rest of the night. I think. How many coffees did I have today? At least Burger King has redeemed itself with me, by giving me a good coffee, with no burnt flavor to go with it. Of course, they knocked themselves back out of my good graces, when I saw the bacon sundae advertised on the menu. What were they thinking?

I have arrived at my destination in Minnesota. I should have things to tell you about my trip, but my energy is steadily draining away. I thought I’d have more energy today, because I had a good night’s sleep, and I didn’t have as long a drive. But still, you expend energy, paying attention to the road, even when you’re not moving. My poor backside is aware of how much time I sat down. And now my bed is calling my name.

However, I can still take delight in little things that push themselves into my awareness. Like, my new bedroom has two bulletin boards on the walls. I have missed my bulletin boards, from my own house. When I get some pictures up, I’ll let you see what I’ve done with them.

So, before the fog descends once more, I’ll bid you good night, and be back with some trip pictures, hopefully by tomorrow or Monday.

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