shades of the music man…

Well, for those who are interested, I’ve arrived safely, just outside of Gary, Indiana. Yes, of Music Man fame. It’s too bad I don’t have time to drop in there and check it out. Of course, if I had that kind of time, I’d have stopped lots of interesting places today. Civil War battlefields, museums, wineries, homes of famous Americans (like Henry Clay and Benjamin Harrison), and many other places were advertised along the roads. I mean, come on, Pigeon Forge has built a replica of the Titanic, I could’ve stopped there!

I did take some pictures, but I don’t really have the energy to put them on the computer, at the moment. I left at 7am and arrived at 8pm… Eastern time. Having checked my phone and the clock in my room, I’ve realized I must’ve crossed into Central time, somewhere along the line. Yes, I knew I was headed that way, but I didn’t know if I’d switch time zones today or tomorrow. So, that explains why I think it’s really light out, when it’s only 9pm… but no, now it’s 8pm. Well, that means I get to sleep a little longer, right?

My tired brain is full of windmills and corn fields. I’ll tell you about them later. For now, I’m going to finish my tepid tea-flavored water, take a refreshing shower, and then continue to giggle inwardly over the idea of me having two queen-sized beds to choose from. Too bad I’m too mature to jump on them.  : )

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