the endless road approaches…

The time to hit the road is drawing here. I can feel it, as I keep looking around, trying to figure out if I remembered everything. Wishing I had longer to pack and prepare. Reviewing the route on Google Maps. Checking addresses and packing food to put in my cooler. Debating whether I can find something to plug my Kindle into my stereo, when I don’t have a tape player in my car.

Yes, all of these thoughts jumble through my head, but I’m not intimidated by the trip, even if it will take me two days. Just anticipating that it could go quickly, but it likely won’t, because I’ve never driven this route before. I’m sure parts will be dull and tiring, and others will be new and interesting. After all, I am heading into several states that I’ve never driven through before! Maybe they’ll have other kinds of fruit for their water towers. : )

Truckers do this all the time (and I give them full props for doing it), surely I can handle this one trip with no problem. But even if I don’t mind doing it, it doesn’t change the fact that long road trips are more fun when you have someone to share it with.

Of course, I get around that by talking on the phone when I’m really bored or excessively sleepy. Don’t worry, drivers, I stay out of the fast lane when I’m doing it, and I pay close attention to the road. I would never do it in really busy traffic. But there are times when you need to hear someone else’s voice, after hours and hours in the car. When even drinking coffee doesn’t help (and the caffeine has no effect on me).

When was the last time I drove this far? Each time, I was headed for camp in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. One time, my mom and I drove straight there, but on the way back, we went through Canada, and came out through New York State. A year or two before that, I drove to PA with two others, picked up my cousin from camp there, and drove all night to get to camp in MI. I remember vividly how each of us drove until we were exhausted, and then passed the wheel to someone else, during the night. That night, we were switching drivers every hour or so, but somehow survived.

From everything everyone tells me, I have reason to believe that Minnesota is a wonderful place to live, Minneapolis being a fascinating place to visit, and that the people are friendly. I’m a little leery about their winter, but I’ll adjust. So, stick with me as I share my continuing adventures of being a nanny that likes to travel, but this time, staying in the U.S. See you on the northern side!

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