blueberries & blackberries, oh yummy!

My parents and brother went out to the local berry farm, yesterday, but I already had a doctor’s appointment scheduled, so I couldn’t go along to help. I also couldn’t get any pictures of the berries on the bush for you, so you’ll have to wait for another trip. Not sure how long it’ll be until we go again, because my family came back with 42 lbs of blueberries and 11 lbs of blackberries, just from this trip.

Of course, quite a few of them are going into the freezer, so I guess we might head back in a week or two. Gotta pick ’em while the bushes are loaded, you know. And when we have this many berries at home, we eat the blueberries by the bowlful.

Unlike the blueberries, we don’t shovel the blackberries in by the handful, because not all of them are sweet. But they’re all huge and juicy, so you can’t resist eating them one at a time, savoring each bite. A couple times, I’ve gotten some that were so sour that my whole face went into an odd sort of twitching spasm.

I remember buying blueberries at the store in Australia, in a container that only held a handful of them. Paying $4-5 for that many berries, oh, it was painful. When June rolled around and I knew my family had started picking them, last year, I really wished they could teleport some to me.

In the meantime, if you have a local berry farm or a farm market that sells them, head on out there and get them while they’re in season!

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