hooray for the versatile blogger!

Oh, wait. It’s me, this time. I am the recipient of the Versatile Blogger Award! First, I would like to thank Tracy at The HeSo Project. It’s such a nice thing to happen, especially when you’re trying to figure out where you’ll take your blog (or where your blog will take you) in the near future. But don’t worry, I’ll figure it out!

Now that I have been honored with this award, I get the fun of passing it on to 5-15 fellow bloggers (click on the picture, to find the official rules of the award) that I feel deserve some recognition for their fantastic blogging skills. And so, in no particular order…

Grow Old With Me – Nothing gives me greater joy than to hear about the romping of children, with their ever-active imaginations. And hearing how a friend grows in her loving relationship with her Savior, her husband, and children is extremely precious.

whatsarahfound – I’ve always loved Sarah’s eye for quirky decor, the ability to create art out of (seemingly) nothing, which keeps me in a constant state of both delight and slight jealousy. So, when she started a blog to document her projects and finds, I was an instant follower.

Tau Zero – The photos on this blog constantly astound me. They make me want to jump in the car and move to Montana or whatever state he happens to be taking these pictures in. Whether it’s an old building, on the brink of collapse, or a magnificent skyline, I never get tired of seeing what he has to share.

High Heels in the Barnyard – Being exposed to chickens and baby chicks, when I was in Australia, has given me more of an interest in them, now that I’m home. When I came across Alicia’s adventures in the farmyard, as she’s a city girl turned farmer’s wife, I was immediately interested. Once in a while, I think about where we get all the food that we buy in the grocery stores, so the insight into how chickens are raised is fascinating. And if you’ve never actually lived on a farm, she lets you see through that window, too.

gardengoatquote – Coming from a fairly large family (we had 5 to the Garden Goat’s 9) and having been nanny to five children, I can always appreciate the tales told by other families with even more children. I was hooked into reading this blog when she commented on the crazy questions or weird looks she gets from having so many children. The more the merrier, I say, and if their mom likes to write, the better to share the fun with everyone.

Will Hall’s Life in Books – I love to read, and I love to talk to people who also like to read. So, reading Will’s reviews has sparked some fun conversations and suggestions of what the other should read next. Doesn’t every bookworm have a pile of books to read? With all the book bloggers out there, it’s hard to decide who to drop in on, but here’s where I head.


Now, let’s see, I have to come up with seven random things about myself. Let’s see…

1 – Most of you already know that I just spent a year in Australia, as a nanny. But in the next month or so, I would really love to find another nanny job, preferably in Canada or the Western U.S., some place where I’ve never been. No better way to get to know people in a certain state or country, than living there for a year.

2 – My mom’s from New York State, and my dad’s from Allentown, Pennsylvania, so though I was raised in the south, we don’t eat southern style. Grits, pimento cheese, okra, and many other food items, do not exist in our house.

3 – I love wandering through antique stores, but often find myself looking through the kitchen wares for aluminum cookie presses, made by Mirro. We always have press cookies at Christmas time, and since the old-fashioned (with a wheel to turn, instead of a button to push) press is normal for us, I’m always buying them, so my brothers will have their own, when they marry and move away.

4 – In my lifetime, I haven’t been further west in the U.S. than Alabama, Tennessee, and Michigan (with the exception of Hawaii), but instead, I’ve been overseas a bunch of times. I’ve been to Ireland, England, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, the Bahamas, and Canada.

5 – I did not pick up an accent, while in Australia, but I suspect that if my American friends could eavesdrop on me talking to an Aussie, they would hear a slight one… but it all depends on who I’m talking to. I speak more Southern to Southerners, and so on…

6 – I can’t whistle, nor can I wink (without being really obvious about it). So, I tend to sing wordless tunes when someone else would be whistling, and I can never play that group game that requires you to wink at people in order to “kill” them. What’s it called? Assassins? Murder? I forget.

7 – If I could have a super power, it would be flying. I used to have those dreams where you could fly, usually involving flying over your school, and everyone being jealous. I miss those dreams. Also, that’s another reason I loved the book, The Fledgling, by Jane Langton, when I was growing up.


One final note to the VBA winners, as I’ve been asked this before… if you’re too busy or unable to pass on the VBA award to someone else, it’s ok! You still deserve the recognition, so don’t worry about it. Or you can always pass it on when you do have time! Between jobs, children, and every other thing that can take up your time, everyone occasionally has their reasons for not being able to pass it on. I understand completely!


Once again, thanks so much for the award, Tracy!

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