don’t you just love photo effects?

We just got back from Seabrook Island at 4am this morning. Don’t worry, there were three of us driving, so we shared the drive equally. Nevertheless, after a glorious weekend, staying up too late on Sunday night, and a thirteen hour trip, we were exhausted. And I’m afraid we haven’t recovered yet, as we’re pretty loopy, today. We did get lots of laundry done, though.

So, as I sort through my photos and marshal my thoughts together to tell you about our wonderful Seabrook Conference, I stumbled across a photo that looks really great with several different effects. Maybe I’ll throw in some other pictures, just for fun, too. We saw a rainbow on Sunday night. Everyone should see several rainbows during their lifetime.

Stay with me, I just need a good night’s sleep, and I’ll be back in the game again, soon. Speaking of games, go Maroon! Oh, and if you’re wondering, the last two photos have not been touched up at all. They don’t need it.

P.S. If you look closely, you’ll see the double rainbow.

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