was it really a year ago that i arrived in australia?

A year ago, my brother and I swapped birthdays, because I was leaving for Australia before mine, but he wouldn’t be home until after his, and then he’d be off to London after that.

A year ago, I arrived in Rockhampton, QLD, and this former convent was the first interesting building that I noticed, through the fog of jet lag.

A year ago, my attention was caught by the beauty & uniqueness of flowers I’d never seen before.

A year ago, I met my dear Aussie girls, and they bounced right into my heart.

A year ago, my Bub was still a baby, treasured by her sisters. They looked after her and protected her. They still do, though she’s a big girl now.

A year ago, I wasn’t surprised by their energy and high spirits, but I was startled by how complimentary they are, constantly telling you how beautiful you look. I have brothers, remember. But they mean every compliment, from the heart.

A year ago, there were spots of beauty that I recognized from home. Australia isn’t so different from the U.S., really.

A year ago, I was reminded how precious mothers are to their daughters, and that their girls never tire of bringing them flowers.

A year ago, these baby blues captured my heart, forever.

I guess it really was a year ago, and my girls are growing up without me, now. But I’ll always love them, and I’m thankful for that wonderful year.

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