go maroon!

I just realized that my stat numbers are going up, from my posts about the State of Origin games in 2011. Went and checked when the first one is for this year… and it’s on May 23. Well, I’ve given up hope that I can watch it on the television, but I’m sure I should be able to find it online somewhere, right?

If you’ve never paid any attention to rugby, you really need to go take another look at rugby league football. Of course, it may depend on what kind of sports you prefer, in general. An American friend of mine, while living in Australia, was shocked that I don’t really like American football (gridiron), loved watching rugby league (at least for the State of Origin games), and I find soccer fun to watch, sometimes. My friend’s sister didn’t find rugby league interesting, but loves American football, if I remember correctly. So, I guess it takes all types.

But I think it should be of interest to both gridiron football and soccer fans, because to me, it seems to be a bit of both. The first time you see the actual rugby players, you think, whoa, these are soccer players who happen to be a little more beefed up. When you see them run, you know they could probably take on an American football player (while he’s wearing a helmet and padding) and win. They’re that fast and they’re that built.

One of my major objections to American football has always been that they seem to do lots of standing still, and I find that dull. I like to have the constant action, always having something to look for. Soccer has that, but they move that ball so quickly that there’s usually a goal before I even figured out who had it originally. I watch a game, now and then, preferably at the GWH ball field, with friends I know playing.

But the second I sat down and watched the Maroons and the Blues face off for the millionth time, I was mesmerized. They’re fast, they’re powerful, they can kick AND throw that football accurately, and they just go, go, go. There are collisions, injuries, and lots of blood, but unless a guy’s knee gets bent in the wrong direction (like last year), they get up and keep going. Would any of the other sports that go by the name of football actually do that? I wouldn’t know, I never watch them if I can help it. But those guys are pansies, compared to the rugby players.

Of course, I was adopted by my friends in Queensland, so I will always cheer for the Maroons. Besides, their mascot is slightly cooler, being a cane toad, instead of a cockroach. Who thought those up? Of course, if New South Wales really has as many roaches as Queensland has cane toads, I don’t know if I ever want to stay there for very long.

Well, whether I manage to follow the entire game or not, I’ll look for clips, when I get back from the beach. Of course, if I miss the first game, I have a few weeks to find a way to watch the second and third. Until then, go Maroon!

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