Lord of the Rings PEZ, or how I ate the Precious…

Christmas presents are always wonderful to receive, but how about getting some, halfway through the year? My friends didn’t mail them all to me, because the weight of the box was going to make it really expensive to mail. So, they let me know that there were a few waiting for me, here in the U.S.  And now that I’m back in Pennsylvania, Rachel (yes, my friend’s name is Rachel) pulled them down from a shelf closet for me.

I laughed so hard. The other present, I’ll have to show you that later. We’re waiting until her day off, so we can both see how it works, while we’re outside (or somewhere we can’t make a mess), so I’ll tell you about it then. But for now, my friends Donna and Rachel bought me a box of Lord of the Rings PEZ dispensers. The four short ones are Bilbo, Frodo, Samwise, and Gollum. And believe it or not, they even make Sam Gamgee look somewhat concerned, on his PEZ facial expression. Or maybe he just doesn’t like being a purveyor of PEZ.

Gimli, of course, is a little taller than the hobbits, and Aragorn, Legolas, and Gandalf are the tallest. I think they made Gandalf the White look a little bit too much like Saruman, but I suppose it’s a little tricky, on such a small face, and when it’s made of plastic.

So, I got them out of the box, and at first, we really didn’t understand why the hobbits were so small, as PEZ containers are usually all the same length. But, obviously, they’re hobbits and therefore short. Very important, don’t you think?

Of course, the back of the box has a description of all the characters, as well as a Nutrition Facts section. I kind of like the idea that Gandalf can only be 35 calories, don’t you? I guess the hobbits would only have about 15-20 calories.

When I arranged them on a dresser, I could be reminded of the Fellowship of the Ring, except there are eight characters here, Bilbo and Gollum weren’t part of the nine, and we’re missing the other hobbits and Boromir. So, you could consider it an interesting selection of characters for the container. Then, we were interrupted in our reenactment of Gollum attempting to get the Precious, with Sam looking on in the background, in time to go down to dinner. Le sigh.

2 thoughts on “Lord of the Rings PEZ, or how I ate the Precious…

  1. Oops. I blame it on the mono. But yes, it should’ve been obvious, because of the nine Ringwraiths that they were picked to match. But I think my brain picked up on there being a Seven for some book, somewhere. Or I just couldn’t count. I could also blame it on Rachel, because she was talking to me while I typed. Yes, I think I’ll say it was Rachel’s fault. : )

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