rain, i defy you! here are some flowers & sunshine, take that!

I was supposed to be able to wander up the street, in the sunshine, and visit old friends. Knock at their doors, have a cuppa, and catch up since the last year. But no, rain, you had to come a-visiting, and now it’s cold and wet out there (14 degrees lower than yesterday).

Everyone that wanted to work in their gardens, today, had to choose some indoor projects. All the flowers that I saw and wanted to photograph, well, they’ll be a bit bedraggled by tomorrow. Spring isn’t as far advanced, here in Pennsylvania, so I’m glad to see the beginnings of spring, somewhere. South Carolina’s much nearer to summer, by now.

So, just for that, rain, I’m going to post some more plants and sunshine from the other day, to remind myself of what it’s supposed to look like out there! Even if I have to do less interesting things for the afternoon, like going to my storage unit and going shopping at Kohl’s. Ok, I like shopping at Kohl’s, but you know it can’t be more fun than popping by your friends’ houses.

I will still visit friends, but rather than wander around, lonely in the rain, it’s better to call ahead. And like everyone else, instead of enjoying any sunshine, they’re working on projects or they’ve gone shopping, too! I should be good and get my important stuff done, too. But, rain, you really did put a stick in the works. Because who wants to clean out the fridge, when we can spend time in the nice, warm sunshine that we’ve missed so much?

So, rain, please go away, I have beach plans for the weekend, and you’re not invited.

In the meantime, who’s up for a cuppa?

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