you’ll be thirty-two…

She told me, “You’ll be thirty-two, today.”, and I told her that, “No, I’ll be thirty-two, tomorrow.”. It was quite funny, as she was actually telling me what I was being charged for having my hair cut. I had gone to a hairdresser at the mall, deciding to get it chopped really short, as I needed a trim, anyway. Now, the jury’s still out, for me, on whether I like this style or not. It’s a pixie cut, with some length on the top, but I’m not sure if it’s long enough to do what I wanted. I’ll get back to you on that.

I know, I know, you really want a picture of the hair, but I didn’t take one. Not yet, at least. I wasn’t a huge fan of the sprayed and waxed version of my hairdo, so I’ll see what it looks like after I fix it in the morning. There will probably be a cowlick in the back that has to be tamed, or so she warned me. Such is life, having to deal with these things. Oh, wait, I could’ve taken a picture of my hair, right after it was done, because I found out recently that my Canon PowerShot is working again. But when I got it out to use for something else, I found that the battery was dead. Sigh. Just can’t win.

If we end up doing something big and exciting for my birthday, I’ll let you know, but I’m not anticipating any big parties or anything. Not because I don’t like to celebrate birthdays, but we had a sort of combo birthday for my brother and I, when he was home on leave, so I don’t really feel the need for birthday cake again right away. That’s what happen when you have two family birthdays kind of close together.

Also, I’m probably going to be hitting the road on Thursday, and once I’m visiting friends and family and driving up and down the East Coast, I’ll probably be hitting some restaurants, which will be just as good as going out for my birthday. On Thursday, I’ll be driving from South Carolina to Maryland, which takes about… well, if I don’t go through rush hour traffic in D.C., it’ll take 12 hrs.

Also, for those that are curious, it’s about 640 miles (1,029 km) from here. I’ve been checking, because in AUS, our trip from Townsville to Brisbane took two days of driving (about 16 hrs) and the length of the trip was about 1,350 km. When I start calculating how fast we drive on the interstate, I start getting mixed up, but any Aussies who read this might be interested. We drive anywhere from 65 mph (104 kph) to 80 mph (129 kph), or at least, those of us that are slightly worried about getting pulled over by a cop. My brother always tells me I can go much faster, but I’m not ready to get my first ticket in the U.S., yet.

So, since I don’t know what tomorrow has in store for me, I guess you could say that my birthday gift to myself is a three week road trip, going north and south twice, from SC to MD and PA, with a full weekend at the beach mixed in there. And lots of family and friends to see. Could it possibly get any better than that?

Oh, and in case anyone’s wondering, my age doesn’t bother me a bit. It sounds a bit odd, but it’s just a number.

2 thoughts on “you’ll be thirty-two…

  1. Don’t forget to come visit me, so long as you promise to not be appalled by the completely unpacked state of my house. 🙂 ❤

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