they gave me the boot(s)…

My going-away present from my Aussie family arrived in the mail, today. They’d heard me express an interest in Ugg boots, before leaving, and decided to buy me a pair. So, I got to look at a website for genuine Aussie Uggs, with real wool in them, and have them mailed to me (because I didn’t need any more weight in my suitcases). Taking into account that I don’t really like the look of the tan colored ones, and that the Cardy socks make them look pretty cool, I opted for the chocolate brown color, and I think I chose well.

Some of you may have decided opinions on Ugg boots, and you wouldn’t be the first. When I left for Australia, I hated Uggs, and was determined to never buy a pair. But that was before I learned a bit more about them, and how they’re a part of Aussie culture. My experience with them was that they were an American fad, one that I wished would die out. I’m not even talking about how they don’t really give your feet any support, but seeing pictures of movie stars and regular people wandering around in Uggs of all colors. Well, you can imagine that I was somewhat revolted. I’m not a fad follower, and wasn’t going to become one.

Before you think I’ve changed my mind about fads, please let me reassure you. I still don’t like fads, but my Ugg boots aren’t part of an American fad, they’re a part of the Aussie way of life. Until I arrived in Australia, I had no idea that they were originally Australian, that almost every Aussie had a pair, and that they don’t belong to any particular brand, nor are they trademarked in Australia. The trouble began when an American company bought the original Ugg company, trademarked the name, and then tried to accuse anyone else of using the name to have violated their trademark.

Ugg boots were named that because they’re considered, even by Aussies, to be ugly. They wear them indoors, like anyone else would wear their favorite bedroom or house slippers, and rarely do they wear them outside. Well, I’ve only seen them outside, once, and that person was already in someone else’s house, with their sweatpants tucked into their Uggs. And it was a guy, which was my first clue that Uggs weren’t a fashion statement. I don’t know a single American guy that would be caught dead in them, because of their “fashionable” nature. But Aussie guys (and girls) wear them for comfort, not to look stylin’. I’ve even told some of my friends here in the U.S. that if you see someone outside, in Australia, wearing Uggs… they’re probably American or European.

So, after a year spent Down Under, autumn was about to begin, and those sheepskin boots were making their way back onto shelves. And when I went to Sydney, I saw them in every gift shop in town, and had a good laugh over some of the designs (sequins, anyone?) that you could get them in. I liked the look of some of the ones with laces up the back, though. My thoughts were leaning towards the idea of getting some, eventually, because they were uniquely Australian, and because I would never have to wear them outside the house. Just save them for a winter day, when my feet were extra cold on these tile floors.

After checking out the website, I didn’t like the Uggs with laces as much, but I really liked the ones with the Cardy socks, which are just socks to put on the outside of your boot, and the rest of the sock goes inside the boot. Kind of like a legging for your boot, with no sock toe. The large, cream-colored buttons stand out really nicely against the chocolate color, and look pretty cool, too. But I can still wear my Uggs without them, and you can even fold down the boot to show off the sheep’s wool inside the boot.

Today, they arrived in the mail, and as awesome as they appeared, I started to sweat just from looking at them. Remember, it did get up to almost 90 degrees Fahrenheit, around lunchtime, so I was waiting for it to cool down a little bit before trying them on. So, I experimented with the Cardy socks, folded down the sides of the boots, and felt the soft sheep’s wool inside. And I also liked to see that really obvious label that said “Made in Australia” on the outside. Because as long as I’m getting them because I love things that are Aussie, and for the same reasons that an Aussie would, then I’m okay. There are still no fads for me. If you ever see me outside with these on, it’ll because I was too lazy to take them off (in the winter), when I went to check the mailbox.

And now, I’ve tried them on, and I didn’t get as sweaty as I thought I would. They are so soft and comfortable, it would be delightful to wear them in the winter, or when your town is suffering from a cold snap in spring. The Cardy socks look awesome, and the folded down boot looks a lot like a bedroom slipper. They’re also a good quality make, and will last me for years, seeing as I’m not always freezing cold in the winter, like some of my friends. So, for any of you that think they look comfy, but don’t want to give in to the latest fad, I’ve given you your way out. Enjoy!

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