the birds are setting up house…

Every year, some birds build a nest in the little birdhouse, outside of our front window. I don’t know if it’s the same couple of birds, but the local feathered folk definitely like it. This is despite its occasional shortcomings, as I remember the year that a snake climbed up the pole, into the next, and took a baby bird from it. I think we greased the pole after that, to discourage any more reptiles.

Ever since I returned home, I’ve been noticing how much the local birds like to perch on the wooden arbor. Of course, they’re a lot smaller, quieter, and generally less obtrusive than the birds in Australia, so perhaps that’s why I’ve been fascinated by them. There’s a cardinal that keeps coming to visit, but I haven’t been able to get a picture of him, yet. Likewise, the bluebird that I’m sure was out there, this afternoon. I didn’t get a close look, but in the afternoon sun, his wings practically seemed to sparkle with the color blue.

So, yesterday morning, I sat down in the dining room, in a chair, holding very still, waiting patiently for our little nest-builders to return. I don’t know if I’ve determined their sexes correctly, but I just assumed that it’s the soon-to-be mama that’s building the nest, and arranging all the bits of grass just so, while the daddy bird stands guard. He’s usually out there, chirping at full volume, probably telling the others to stand clear of his wife.

Still, they seem disturbed by too much movement, and my zoom lens isn’t good enough to stay far, far away from the window, and still get a good picture. My glimpses of the mama bird remain only glimpses, as she’s either half in the nest, rearranging her furniture, or zipping off to look for more.

Later in the day, I took the time to go look closely at the birdhouse, ascertaining that there are no eggs in there yet. Hey, there’s no reason she can’t rearrange a bit, after they arrive! And she flies so fast, you can’t see what she’s carrying, all the time. But this is definitely the birdhouse of choice, because the one we had in a different location, that one got chewed up by squirrels, if I remember correctly.

I took some pictures of the beautiful clematis vine that’s growing up the side of the arbor, but didn’t think anything about the petal count, until my brother pointed it out. Of the 6-8 clematis blooms that are open, some of them have four petals, some five, and some six. And it’s not because any of them have fallen off, these flowers have grown that way. So, don’t flowers of that type generally keep the same amount of petals, or is a lottery as to how many they throw out? I’m assuming that none of them will come up with only one, two, or three.

But not being a flower expert, I don’t know the answer to this question. Some pretty little pink flowers also caught my attention, but I have no idea what they are. And the roses were too high on the arbor for me to get a very good look at. Also, as you can see, I was having a great time with the effects on Picasa. The birds can blend easily into the woodwork, so I had create a vignette of some of the photos, or sharpen the colors a bit, so that you can find him. And thankfully, my camera takes good enough photos, that I can crop them, without making the pictures blurry to the eye. Until I get a longer zoom lens, I’ll just have to continue doing it that way.

So, the nest-builders continue their work, and maybe I’ll be able to show you pictures of eggs or baby birds, some time in the future!

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