put…the camera…down…

I never thought I would tell myself this. Since I returned to the U.S., rather than take pictures of people, I’ve been photographing places, such as stores and our yard, pretty much any food I come across, and the books that just arrived in the mail. I take my camera everywhere with me, in my purse, and regularly confuse customer service people by asking them if they have a policy on customers taking photos in their stores. I’m sorry, I don’t have a fancy phone to be unobtrusive with, I have a regular camera, and don’t want to be stopped after I’ve started taking the photos.

There are at least two posts involving food, from when I was in Australia, that I’m still in the middle of writing. I have to blog about what I’m reading and the aforementioned packages, though about half of the books in them have been covered on here, already. Some of them were bought in Sydney, and some, right before I left AUS, though, so you haven’t heard about them yet! In another hour or so, my post about birds and birdhouses is going up, and I have at least four posts that will come from my trip to Pendleton, SC, from yesterday. After that, I have a post concerning Walmart and shopping carts that I will fit in, somewhere in the sort-of-near future.

And while this is all happening, the flowers are blooming in the local Botanical Gardens, and even though I missed the azaleas, it will still be very beautiful! But I’ve got to slow down. I’m slowly getting back onto the correct sleep schedule, but in addition to that, my doctor has told me that I’m having a mono (glandular fever) relapse, not just a sore throat. Yeah, cough drops are my friend, because no medicine is fixing it, this time.

So, I’m supposed to get plenty of sleep, eat properly, take my vitamins, and don’t get exhausted, overheated, or stressed out. Ok, some of that translation is no running or jogging, if I wanted to try and “officially” exercise (I was thinking about it!). Some things make me tired, or get my heart rate up, that shouldn’t be tiring. Not exhausted, just tired. And since I’ve rarely ever been sick, before this last year, I don’t like anything keeping me from doing what I want to do.

For now, I think I need to catch up on my blog posts, and maybe I’ll go to the Gardens, one of these days. That’ll be just one post. But after that, I think I need to… put… the camera… down. Give it a rest for a few days. Because you can get just as tired from too much writing and trying to keep up, as when you’re running around. And the more pictures I take, the more I have to write!  : )  But keep checking in, I have lots of stuff to share.

Have I mentioned that it’s really, REALLY good to be home?  : )

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