the land of aitches…

I’m back in the land where they say “aitch” for “h”, instead of “haitch”. Also, Moose Tracks ice cream, chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, peanut butter cups, and Zaxby’s chicken. Where burgers are burgers because of the hamburger, not because of the bun. Where people drive on the right side instead of the wrong… I mean, the left side. Where I can get a Frosty at Wendy’s, though I love me some Maccas coffee at the McCafe.

And yet, this is the place where I need to do some research in order to make a lemon lime and bitters, there are no potato wedges with sour cream and chilli sauce (not even at Outback), and there’s no barbecue sauce on the meat lover’s pizza. I know, it’s sad.

You’re probably waiting for me to talk more, but I’m still recovering from the trip, and my brain isn’t always keeping up. Jet lag isn’t too bad, but it isn’t good, either. But I’m doing well, staying up with the American hours, and going to bed at American times, in order to get back to normal, as quickly as possible.

Meanwhile, while I’m very, very grateful to be home, I miss all my Aussie friends dearly. Good night, and I’ll write again soon.

5 thoughts on “the land of aitches…

  1. What are some restaurant chains or australian delicacies that you would recommend? We are on our way over in a few days and would love some ideas of things to try that we dont have in North America. πŸ™‚

    • I wasn’t in a big enough towns to know a lot of chain restaurants, but I’d suggest Eagle Boys, and their meat lover’s pizza with barbecue sauce. But I suspect most pizza places would have that. Gloria Jean’s and the McCafe became my replacement for Starbucks. πŸ™‚ Red Rooster is a chicken place that’s all over. I’d suggest more along the line of certain food items that are uniquely Australian. Try Lamingtons, at the grocery store (unless you don’t like coconut). Give Vegemite or at least CheesyBite a chance, though spread it LIGHTLY, if you’re ever at someone’s house. Pavlova is the Aussie national dessert, related to meringue, but it has their own yummy spin on that. Passionfruit is common over there, so though it looks a bit yucky on the inside, it’s still delicious. Pumpkin soup and cooked pumpkin are regular food items, but it’s actually our squash. Soup is usually made from the Hubbard squash and they also eat the Butternut squash, too, but they call both pumpkin.

      Aussies like their raw veggies and salads, so if you’re at a barbecue anywhere, there’ll be plenty of that. Their hotdogs look a bit different than ours, and they usually eat them with bread instead of buns. Having a steak burger with egg, beets, and maybe pineapple on it, is a specialty in some areas. They don’t really drink much Foster’s over there, but they do like their wine and beer. I’m not sure what they drink in NSW, but if you’re headed to QLD, they like their Fourex (XXXX) and Bundaberg rum.

      There ARE places that will probably have things like kangaroo jerky and such, but I never had any. I would just keep an eye out for names that aren’t familiar, on the menu, and just be willing to try things. If you like seafood, Balmain “bugs” are a fav, a crayfish that’s a bit smaller than a lobster, and quite yummy. Barramundi is also a great kind of fish from over there. And as I think I forgot to mention it earlier, make sure you get potato wedges with sour cream and sweet chilli sauce. That’s always available in Aussie restaurants, and I miss it terribly, already.

      A good motto to the live by, “be willing to try new things”. I will eat avocado, Vegemite, and a bunch of other things that I’d never had before, because I was serious about trying everything.

      And on a non-food item, if you find your way to Brisbane, go see Australian Outback Spectacular. I saw it twice, and it’s fabulous. And my Aussie friends agree, it’s not a cheesy show, if you were worried about that. Have an awesome time Down Under! Will you be there long? Drop by again, maybe I’ll have some more pointers for you! πŸ™‚

  2. Welcome home! Enjoy the culture shock as you re-acclimate to the States, and get ready for summer. Again. πŸ™‚

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