chicks on the run…

A few of you may remember me writing about the little bundles of golden fluff that Emmie received for her birthday, and how things were going as we kept them in a pet carrying crate, in the house. Unfortunately, I returned from Sydney to find that the golden baby chicks were missing, or at least somewhere out of sight, so I asked what had happened.

Emmie informed me that the chicks had run away, as she hadn’t closed the latch on the cage completely, one evening, and the family had left the back door open when they went out. Her mom had meant to come back and fix that, but had forgotten. So, the family came home to find the chicks had flown the coop, so to speak.

Both Sadie and Emmie were full of the idea of how far the chicks must have run, though Bea gave me the sideline on what might really have happened (and the proof of where they “ran” to). But the little girls were much happier thinking about the “runaways”, and didn’t even seem upset. I suspect Emmie was more upset, the day it happened, though. Maybe when they’re a little older, they’ll find out where the chooks went.

She was promised some new chicks, so a few days later, Blackie and Flappie arrived. A serious contrast to the previous yellow chickens, these little ones with black feathers don’t even look like chickens, as far as I can tell. Yes, I know they come in many colors, but I just tend to associate baby chickens with being yellow.

With the temperatures being cooler at night, the chicks still slept inside, but the family fixed a large cage outside, so they could adjust to the world around them. We usually left the pet crate on top of the cage, so they had plenty of shade from that (and from some bath mats drying on top of the cage). That’s a good thing, giving them shade, because the sun can be brutal. But they’re still not big enough to take on any of the critters that can be found around the house, whether wild or domesticated.

So, I won’t be able to show you the “finished result” when they get quite big, but maybe my Aussie family will e-mail me some pictures to share. With their black plumage, they’ll be standouts amongst the rest of the red and white chooks, so Emmie will never have any trouble identifying them.

I hope you’ve enjoyed all my posts on the Aussie domesticated animal kingdom. We don’t have any pets in my American home, anymore, so I won’t likely have any more animal stories, for a while. Unless any of my friends have pets. We’ll see what I can come up with.

More posts upcoming, as I continue to dig myself out of my jet-lagged stupor. As for today, I was up at 6:30am, but I’m going to take a nap until lunchtime, now.

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