t minus don’t-ask-me-what…

It really depends what you’re counting down to, in order to figure out if it’s t minus  48 hours or 72 hrs (or some other number, somewhere in the middle). Especially when you’re talking about two different continents, with locations that are 14 hrs apart, time-zone-wise. Also, I think it’ll be about 9am on Sunday, here in Emerald, when I land in the U.S.  But really, what am I counting down to? I no longer know. To seeing my Mom and Dad? To getting on the first plane? To entering the first airplane? What I care about is that I’m about to head home.

Tomorrow, I leave Emerald to drive to Rockhampton, which is 3-4 hours, unless there’s really bad traffic. I leave Rocky in the evening, fly to Brisbane. In the morning, I fly from Brisbane to Seoul, South Korea. From there, I still haven’t figured out how many hours I’ll spend in the air. What I know is that I fly straight to Atlanta, Georgia, with no stops. Yeah, you try and figure it out. I leave at 7ish pm on Saturday… and arrive in Atlanta at the same time. So, in fact, it takes no time at all.  : )

My goodbyes have been said to all my friends here in Australia. More on that later, it’s a little painful to think about right now. Still ahead of me is the goodbyes to my girls. How do you thank someone for a year of their life, for a year of your own, and for what you’ve all gained from it?

The suitcases are almost packed, and fees will definitely have to be paid. I should probably still call QANTAS to ask them some questions about that. The boxes of books have been mailed, and I won’t even tell you what I paid. I’m guessing I’d have paid less to have a suitcase full of them, but I realize that my stress level would have been higher, so I’m fine with that. As it is, I’ll be taking three big suitcases and my carry-ons into the airport, so I will have to get a luggage cart and bring it out to my car.

This week has been both too long and too short. I’ve found that previous weeks fly by, as soon as Monday has passed. But this week, every evening needs something to be done, and possibly some person to go see. The days seem to go quicker, because I’m holding tightly to my Bubby, enjoying every hug and cuddle that I get. Enjoying the day-to-day things, because I know that when my workday ends, then I have plenty of things to do in the evening.

But for all that, I was ahead of the game, getting my packing done, after returning from Sydney, so I’m not killing myself, getting my packing done. My only stressed out day was the Monday after I got back from New South Wales. I temporarily freaked out about everything I had to do… and then pulled myself together again.

I told you that I’d be back to talking about packing and traveling and such. And sure enough, there I went. But just think, there’s only a few days left of it. Don’t ask me how many, I haven’t figured that part out, either.

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