a forgotten subject…

I just noticed that a few people were looking at my post about keeping to a steady jog/walk, from back when I was exercising. In case anyone has been wondering what came of that, I’ll explain quickly. Or maybe you figured it out. I had forgotten to explain myself, before this.

I did “fall off the wagon” with my eating and exercising, right before Christmas vacation, but then, while I was away, I got sick, and couldn’t have officially exercised. Of course, my friend and I got plenty of walking in, while doing our traveling all over Townsville and Magnetic Island. The plan was to get back on track, after the temptations of Christmas were over.

Of course, getting sick and having to fly back early to Emerald, and taking the rest of the week to recover… well, I didn’t have the strength to exercise, though I lost 8-10 pounds while I was sick. That was the upside, I suppose, though I gained it right back, once I was feeling better. Food never tastes so good as when you’re coming off a “starvation diet”. Oh, I know I didn’t really have it bad, compared to people in other countries. But when you’re used to eating well, being unable to eat anything except bread and butter, because you CAN’T eat and don’t WANT to eat… it’s a bit frightening.

Anyway, I’m not looking for sympathy, that was all awhile ago. My point was that when I get home, I’m looking forward to eating the familiar foods from back home, so I’m not planning to diet. But once I’m past all the stress of packing and making my way home, I do plan to up the exercise again, possibly even going back to the jog/walk plan.

I just felt like some people who had shown and interest, and even encourage me at the time, deserved to know what happened, and why. I hope to once more be an encouragement to others, in this area, once I get my feet back on my home turf.

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