i missed it!

I began writing this blog on April 9, 2011. My intention was to make it easier for my friends to keep up with my doings in Australia. I didn’t want to have to answer fifty million letters asking me “how are things in Australia?”. I didn’t want to have to send my e-mails to hundreds of people. But I did want everyone back home to get a taste of what it’s really like to be in Australia.

My other hope was that once I got the blog started, I would start wanting to write again. Whether it was just on the blog, writing fiction, or writing songs… I just wanted to regain the habit of writing. Of course, with all my letter writing, I’ve never really lost it. But somewhere along the line, I lost the NEED to write.

I think that I’ve accomplished so much more than my original goals. Not only do I keep my friends and family up-to-date, I’ve written much more than just about what I see and what I do. As most of you will know by now, I love to read, like to watch movies, and enjoy listening to good music. Therefore, I write about these subjects that interest me. Some are old favorites, some are just discovered, but I can still tell you about them. Sometimes I veer off into my cooking adventures, a weekend in a state park, or the politics at home. Always, there are tales to tell about my girls, and the adventures of life with a toddler.

Some people say that life is fun, some say it’s exciting… well, I say that it’s just plain interesting! And I’m not using the word “interesting” in the sense of “I’m being polite, though I’m bored, so I’ll just use that word, instead of the word nice“. Instead, I mean that life is full of things that are worthy of interest, things that we should pay attention to them. Your day might not be exciting, but chasing the chooks out of the house was interesting. Humorous, too.

And what else is a blog for, if not to tell others what you see, what there is to be interested in? Having a blog that you write in almost every day, gives you a viewpoint where you’re actually looking even harder to find things that are noteworthy. You observe everything around you, taking it in, and looking for an angle to tell a story. There’s a story there, you just need to find it.

These are just some of my first thoughts on what I’ve learned during a year of blogging. I’m quite tired right now, so I can’t do better than that, at the moment. But over the next few weeks, I hope to talk about what I’ve learned in the last year, about writing, about myself, or about Australia. I came over here with some ideas about what Australia would be like. How has my viewpoint changed since then? And has Australia changed, or just me?

Lots of thoughts to get through. I’ll share some more with you soon. For now, sleep! Then, more packing!

2 thoughts on “i missed it!

  1. I can hear the enthusiasm as I read your post. That’s quite an accomplishment since you clearly state you are in need of sleep as you wrote it! I look forward to hearing more about your adventures – both ordinary and extraordinary!

    • Thanks! Yes, I just got hit with a wave of tiredness while I was writing, but still wanted to address my one year anniversary. I have other things on that subject, but I’ll get to them. If not this week, after I get back to the U.S.

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