the ANZAC Memorial…

Wednesday, April 4

As some of you may recall, ANZAC stands for the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. In America, we don’t often read about the different fronts in World War I, where the ANZAC boys fought. I think it would be a good history lesson, if we paid more attention to the other battles that were fought. Gallipoli. Beersheba. And many, many more.

Many wives, mothers, and sisters gave up their men, when they went away to war. The statue, Sacrifice, by Rayner Hoff, represents not only the lost soldier, but he is upheld on a shield by three women… his mother, sister, and wife. No matter what country you’re from, their sacrifices should not be forgotten. Ever.

My friend and I made our way around the Memorial, noticing that inscriptions on the stones, which said that the stone on the right, at the base, was placed there by a citizen, and the stone on the left was placed there by a soldier.

Most of the rest of the photos can speak for themselves. But when you look at the design on the ceiling, take note that those are STARS up there, placed in memory of the 120,000 men from Australia and New Zealand, who served in WWI.

We almost missed the small museum inside the lower level, surrounding the atrium where the statue resides. This small area was manned by a few older gentleman, and reminded me of how many veterans there are, from every country, who work hard to make sure that their sacrifices, and those of their lost brothers, are remembered.

God bless these men who have served their countries. And honor the memories of those that were lost, by knowing freedom isn’t free, but something that these men fought and died for.

3 thoughts on “the ANZAC Memorial…

  1. I was assigned to a US Marine honor guard for a remembrance ceremony for ANZAC day in Hawaii. We remember. It was truly an honor to meet some of the veterans. No study of the war in the Pacific is complete without studying the contributions made by our allies. The ANZAC defense of Papua New Guinea is a truly amazing example.

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