snow must fall…

The truth must be told. I don’t have internet access, here in Sydney, yet. And so, as you read this, I am not only gazing wide-eyed at the sights of Sydney, but keeping an eye out for an internet cafe, or something of the sort. I wasn’t planning to leave you high and dry, all week, with nothing interesting to read or look at!

In the meantime, I went to see Mirror Mirror, last week. Judging it by the trailers, I was expecting it to be hilarious, and just all-around good fun. My expectations were met, as it’s not worthy of an Oscar (and I mean as real people would judge, not the actual Oscar voter-snobs), but I think most people will find it delightful.

There are several moments in the movie that could have made the tale sickly sweet, with Snow White talking to birds and being gently encouraged by her faithful servants. But rather than give into the sappiness (admit it, it’s difficult to translate into live-action what may sound marvelous in a book!), they liven up the whole story with a lot of laughs, and they don’t take themselves too seriously.

Julia Roberts is a delightfully wicked Queen, who is obsessed with keeping her beauty (even to eating grubs and having other disgusting beauty treatments). I won’t give away how the Mirror works, but if the Queen is wicked, the image in the Mirror is somehow even more evil, both to her and to others. You can see that the Queen is playing with fire, but part of you doesn’t really want her to get burnt. At least, not when she’s being funny.

The Prince is introduced with a running gag of getting attacked by bandits, and having his clothes stolen. Presenting himself to the Queen, she keeps losing her train of thought, distracted by his bare chest. At the same time, her majordomo (or whatever he’s called) is played by the always entertaining Nathan Lane. I still want to laugh, when I think of his monologue, after returning to his human shape (having been turned into a cockroach, for a short time).

The dwarfs are interesting and different than what you would expect, especially if you’ve been raised on Disney’s Snow White. These guys are not Doc, Dopey, and Grumpy. Well, Butcher is a bit of a grump, but they need at least one of them to be difficult. Their characters are amusingly different, keeping the laughs coming. I want to see the movie again, just to catch all the dialogue.

I think this movie has to go down in history as the best kissing scene in a fairy tale (or any romance), ever. It leads up to “true love’s kiss” in a manner that you won’t believe, but I won’t give it away. I think I read a review that mocked it, but I thought it was so original, and the Prince did his part so well, why would anyone want to complain?

Honestly, to give you a better description of it, I’d have to watch it again, but since I don’t have time for that… Take your kids and go see it. I believe it’s PG rated, and I don’t think even my four year old would find the “beast” scary. My four year old has surprised me a few times, when I’ve warned her about something in a movie, and then she’s laughed hysterically over it. My friends and I had a great time watching this film, and I would happily escort all my girls to see it.

And now, the countdown begins until Snow White and the Huntsman comes out. I’m looking forward to it, not because of Kristen Stewart or Chris Hemsworth (can anyone tell me why the story needs a Prince, if they have Hemsworth as the Huntsman?), but because Charlize Theron looks like she’s going to be the most wickedly AWESOME Queen ever. And the special effects they’re showing in the trailers, well, those will only whet your appetite.

Paraphrasing Julia Roberts’ Queen, “Let the snow fall already!”.

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