yes, it’s true…

I am even posting the proof right here for my friends to see, that they might believe, also. I am going to spend five days in Sydney, Australia… and I’m only taking one small bag and my laptop bag. Oh, yeah, and my purse.

Perhaps you don’t understand the enormity of this statement, as you’ve never been to Seabrook with my American friends and I. As I rarely fly to my destination, preferring to put in a 10-12 hour road trip instead, I don’t have to compact my belongings into a suitcase, unless I want to.

For a weekend at the beach, when I’m in the U.S., I normally bring a medium size duffel bag, plus numerous things that don’t fit into bags. Laundry basket full of sheets, a sleeping bag, and a pillow. A volleyball, Frisbee, and mini orange cones. More shoes than I could possibly need (though my water shoes are necessary), because the weather can be so changeable. My bucket (yes, an actual bucket) of toiletry articles. Several fleeces or jackets, not just for myself, but for those people that forget theirs (they’re headed south, after all, where it’s supposed to be WARM, so they don’t prepare for all contingencies!). And numerous other random things that just don’t seem to fit into a suitcase.

Of course, if I find that I don’t need some of it, I just leave it in my car, rather than carry it into my cabin. That’s the beauty of driving your own car, and not having to fit everything to go on a plane. But for this trip to Sydney, I might be carrying my things around with me on Friday, so packing light is a must. If I can, I’ll get myself to the airport, and put my small bag in a locker, but otherwise, I’ll be tripping through Sydney with my little bag (it has wheels and a pull handle, as you can see), my BumBakPak (laptop bag), and my purse.

Yes, my dear friends at home, my suitcase has shampoo and all that good stuff in it. No, I did not pack a pillow or teddy bear into it. Does that prove that I’m really packing light, this time, if nothing else does?

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