sunday packing for sydney..

By the time you read this, I will either be packing my bags, still, or getting on the plane to Sydney. Too much to do yesterday, so I was able to get a few travel-sized items at the store, but not finish packing. Things can get tricky, when you don’t have a working phone, and you’re waiting to find out if the wedding location has moved.

As my week in Sydney begins, I have no idea whether I will have internet access or not. Unless I’m hanging out with a friend in the evening, I will probably be back to my place of residence by nightfall. Not hanging out on any dark streets by myself, or attempting to find a bus or train in the dark, either. So, I should have plenty of time to write some blogs about my day… but will I be able to post them?

If I don’t have access to internet from where I’m staying, I’ll try my best to find a cafe or coffee shop with internet, and at least give you a taste of Sydney, mid-week. We’ll see how this goes. Don’t give up on me. If you don’t hear from me for the whole week… well, you better believe you’ll be in for some fun, when I get back!

Of course, I’ll have less than two weeks until I leave for home, when I return from Sydney, but the sooner I get my Sydney memories scheduled on my blog, the sooner I’ll be able to concentrate on everything I have to do before April 20. Life’s going to be crazy and exciting, for the next three weeks!

Not that life isn’t usually exciting, but there will be definite emphasis on the crazy, in the upcoming weeks. And maybe we’ll even be able to fit in some fossicking, when I return to Emerald! It’s sad but true… I still haven’t been gem fossicking. And Mrs. B says I can’t leave until I have been, so we’d better get to it!

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