the happiness of weddings…

There’s nothing more delightful than going to a wedding, and sharing in their joy, on their very special day. I was blessed to be able to watch Andrew and Caitlin vow to spend their lives together, and I know that the Lord will be watching over them. Congratulations to the two of you!

I will say that I’ve never been to a wedding where I had to coat myself with sunscreen and bug spray, ahead of time, but it was well worth it. The mutant mosquitoes were on the prowl, but I only got one or two bites. You may have guessed from my pictures that I was standing in the back. No, my camera’s zoom isn’t THAT good, otherwise, my pictures of the vows would’ve been better. I did crop some of them, though.

The happy couple had the perfect day for their nuptials, as it wasn’t too warm or too cool, and the sky was brilliantly blue, with very few clouds. Every bride and groom will take comfort in knowing that a sudden rainstorm won’t interrupt their day.

All of the wedding party did their jobs well and looked beautiful, handsome, and adorable, as the case may be. I’ll let you decide which word applies to the bridesmaids, the flower girls, and the groomsmen. The best man came through with the rings, though he smiled and winked at the audience, as if he might have chosen to misplace them. And my dear friends who were playing the piano and guitar, for the processional and during the register signing, did an amazing job.

One of my friends asked if weddings were like this in America, and I said that I thought so, except for the signing of the register. At home, in my experience, they usually sign the register after the wedding, out of sight of the wedding guests. Or perhaps, sometimes at the reception. But this was the first time I’d seen it as part of the ceremony, and guests are actually allowed to walk up the aisle to take pictures. I was a bit leery of this, feeling like I shouldn’t do it anyway… but I did, and got some lovely pictures, as a result.

While we came to see the bride and groom, a wedding is a wonderful place to see friends, get dressed up, and get some memories onto your camera. As I’m leaving soon, I will cherish these times that I was able to spend with all of my wonderful Australian friends. And nothing helps you remember, like looking at photos. And what would this wedding be, without pictures of the bride’s nephew, in his little suit and bow tie?

Andrew and Caitlin, we’re praying for your marriage, and we love you!

2 thoughts on “the happiness of weddings…

  1. I’m a Canadian living in NY where I married the first time….and don’t remember ever signing the register there. I recently re-married in Toronto and we did. I loved that element of it. I like knowing our marriage is now a part of the history of a 100+ yr old church’s history.

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