the cat’s meow…

Some of you have probably been stalking my blog, in hopes that I will eventually post more kitten pictures. Considering how many pictures I took of the cats, when they were little, surely I would remember that there are still cats in this house? Well, it’s kind of hard to forget, even though there are only three, now, instead of six.

Yes, we did manage to get three of them adopted, and planned to keep one for our family. But we still had one more kitten, and no one ever came for him. So, now we have three cats, and though we still refer to the younger ones as “kittens”, they really aren’t. Both of them are the same size, or even slightly bigger than their mom. Babies they are not.

Taggle was one of the fluffy kittens, and the most personable, if you can describe a cat that way. Always looking for a place to sleep or a lap to cuddle in, and less likely to run around outside. Somehow, our remaining kitten became Tom, but that was some time after we found that our kittens were boys, not girls.

For all of Taggle’s original preference for being indoors, lately, he’s been spending a lot more time outside. I wonder what kind of adventures they get up to, when I’m not trying to figure out whether we can ban them from the house. Yes, I know we can’t do that, and I wouldn’t. Really, most of the time, they aren’t any trouble. And then they do “something”, and I change my mind. But whereas you might threaten your child with not being able to sit down for a week, what do you threaten a cat with?

A month ago, we were still trying to break them of the habit of nursing off of their mother, even though we’d had all three of them fixed. Yes, we found out that she could still produce milk, but since they’d been weaned for a month, at that point, having them go back on “the bottle” was a bit weird. Yes, I read that it’s something they do when they’re upset… well, watching a “kitten” nurse from his mom, when he’s BIGGER than her is upsetting to all the grownups.

We attempted to ignore them, and let them get over it, but that didn’t work, so we began policing them closely, and those cats knew that they weren’t allowed to do that in the house. If I saw them at it, I’d say “Don’t even think about it!”, and the kitten in trouble would try and look innocent. Oh, they knew.

They seem to have stopped this frustrating behavior, at last. And for the most part, they’re potty trained, and mostly they use the outdoors. Their mother trained them well. But the occasional mishap (like this morning) is enough to make you want to pull your hair out. At least they’ve stopped pooping in the wiring, under the TV.

My main problem (oh, it’s not really big, compared to more important things) is that I don’t like whining. I don’t like it in adults or children or animals. And when it comes to animals, you can’t make them stop, because they either don’t understand, or they won’t understand. Their mother likes to whinge at you, to get you to fill up her dish, even when it isn’t empty. The kittens occasionally join in, but when I inform them all that they “have to finish what’s in the bowl, first!”, the kittens usually get hungry before their mom does.

Taggle has a tendency to want his mother to be in sight, though sometimes he’ll go to sleep without her. But he’ll come inside, and a loud wailing sets in, as if he must make sure that Dusty isn’t in hearing distance. Usually it stops after a bit, but when it continues, I’ll let him go outside again, and get it out of his system.

You’ll see from the pictures that they’re quite handsome felines. No more pictures will be upcoming after this. I stopped taking pictures when they stopped being cute, and started being annoying. Like most cats. But it occurred to me that some of the original “kitten post” fans, especially from my last FP’ed post, might be interested. So, here you go. Your cat fix for the day.

P.S. If you have trouble remember what these guys looked like when they were little, please see “turning into cats“, “kitty klatch“, “open your eyes“, “four days old“, or some of my other kitten posts (I think there are 10-12 posts about kittens). I was shocked, too, when I looked at the old posts, and saw how much they’ve changed in several months!

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