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As you can see, I’m trying out a new blog theme, and debating whether to keep it or not. I really like the larger format, which allows me post bigger pictures, and allows me to cover the whole page with words. I’m not a fan of smaller amounts of space to write in. But maybe it’s too light. Feel free to give me an opinion. Since I prefer having no sidebar, my options are limited, so we’ll just have to see if I like this one, tomorrow.

I just finished making buttermilk biscuits (American-style), for the second time in three days. I didn’t have any major problems with it last time, but today, I just felt like it all went beautifully. I had enough buttermilk, so I didn’t have to add white vinegar to milk for the last 200 mils. Without a pastry blender, I had found that using a fork to mix the butter into eight cups of flour was difficult. So, this time, I blended the butter into four cups, and then combined them. Everything came together, even down to kneading the dough just slightly, and it wasn’t too sticky, so I didn’t have to do more than dust the counter with flour, before rolling them out.

At the moment, I can’t remember if I’ve taken pictures or posted the buttermilk biscuit recipe on here yet. I’ll check my blog dashboard, later, and see. I remember cookies and pie and… I forget what else. Sorry.

No, my brain isn’t completely fried, even if we do have three girls suffering from croup. Bea and Sadie are doing pretty well, but poor Bubby is just short of miserable, at times. But for all that, she’s amazingly good at taking her medicine, out of the little medicine cups, though she doesn’t like using the “puffer” (inhaler).

We’ve had many hours of cuddling, and wailing from misery, and your heart just breaks for her. But when she isn’t fussing, or falling asleep on the changing table, we’ve had any number of games of hide-and-seek (yes, there are bursts of energy, and periods of happiness). She gets better and better at counting (wordlessly), but the glass doors we stand in front of, to count, they have to be shut. She got very upset, yesterday, because she didn’t want to stand in the open doorway and count… or switch to a different doorway.

Emmie and I went to the store, after I had finished work (what can I say, I needed deodorant!), and we decided to get Bub a musical card. After listening to all the cards (there were a LOT of them), we picked one that Bub would enjoy dancing to. And sure enough, as soon as it started to play, she began to boogie. Along with that, I found a little board book about a duck, and it’s one of those with a finger puppet in it. Bub thinks the finger puppet duck is hysterical.

But Em, she spent the trip back to the house, sounding out all the words, on her own, and occasionally enlisting my help with a long word. I would help her sound them out, and eventually, with only a little assistance, she figured out “peekaboo”! That’s my girl, on the road to being a great reader, at 6 years of age.

Now, instead of doing any packing (which is probably what I should do), I’m going to watch Castle.  : )


[Update: My post with the buttermilk biscuit recipe is called “of biscuits & birthdays“. I will put up an Aussie translation, later.]

2 thoughts on “theme for the day…

  1. Aaand now I want buttermilk biscuits something awful. And/or yeast rolls. What can I say? Carbs taste yummy amidst the stress of moving and discovering that Shelob and Aragog had a love child in my basement. 🙂

    And poor girls 😦 I hate using my inhaler, too – but the difference it makes always makes it worth it.

    Whenever you come visit me (because it’s going to happen, you know) you should bring seasons of Castle with you, if you own any, because I want to get into it but feel like I need to watch it with a seasoned Castle lover.

    • The older girls don’t mind the inhaler, as it has a big tube with a “mask”, that covers their mouth and nose. So, it puffs into that, and you just breathe in. They don’t have to time it right. Whether they’re four years old or ten, they don’t have a problem with it. Bub does ok, sometimes, and at other times, she won’t tolerate it.

      I think I have one or two seasons of Castle at home, but I don’t know if having me along will help much. 🙂 Mike doesn’t watch Castle? I’m surprised. I’m trying to catch up on Season 4, because it has only just come to AUS, while it’s been in the US for months. I’m up to episode 10. Good stuff.

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