have chooks, will travel…

I’m not sure how old these chickens are, but they should feel well-traveled by now. Of course, seeing as I can’t remember where we ordered them from, I can’t tell you, but they’ve already been on a mail-order journey. Now, when you’re only so big, every trip across the house should be imprinted on your memory. I’m guessing their brains don’t register such things.

Whatever their brains may may pick up on, as you’ll see in the pictures, I had trouble getting a shot that wasn’t blurry, because they’re so FAST! Pretty cute, but zipping around at top speed… and inclined to poop randomly, of course. No, they didn’t get me, I just won’t pick them up because they aren’t potty-trained.

But in the last week or so, since we got them, they’ve been to the girls’ school, to Mrs. B’s office, and they’ve spent the night in the laundry or the pantry, and during the day, their bucket (or cage) gets moved all over the house. Mainly, that’s because we’re trying to keep them out of the way of the cats. Taggle and Dusty are doing just fine, but Tom hears the chirping from the chicks’ home, and must investigate. Even if he can’t get in there, he’ll just sit and wait or watch.

We consider this “unhealthy” attention, but I suppose it’s normal, in a cat. We like to forget that they’d be so “mean” as to harm a small bird. But wait’ll those chicks get big, Tom. Our cats don’t mess with the chooks. And the chooks don’t mess with them. It’s a pretty good truce, I think… until they run into each other, in the doorway, and have twin heart attacks.

Let’s see, other “exciting” news. It’s been raining all day, and off and on, the day before. Nobody minds, because it’s come with cooler temperatures, so most of us are enjoying being able to wear sweaters and hoodies (my Aussie family) or short sleeved shirts instead of sleeveless (me).

I had the girls upstairs to see my American phone, which they think is awesome, because it makes really interesting noises. Yes, the Minion noises, as well as a few other tunes (Kerli’s “Tea Party”, Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s “Wizards in Winter”). Sadie and Bub lean in to listen, though Bub has the idea that she must look, too, even when the screen has gone to sleep, and there’s nothing to see. So, then we took some pictures, or attempted to, as Bubby wouldn’t smile, or willingly sit in the chair for long. Come to think of it, I think I have some pictures somewhere of Bubby  standing inside her plastic grocery cart, right before it overbalances (don’t worry, I rescued her). I’ll go look for those.

Sorry, if you were expecting big travel tales, the chooks are the only ones doing any traveling. At present, I’m working on getting my Sydney plans all settled. I found out a friend was getting married on the day I left for Sydney, so I spent half an hour on the phone, getting a serious crick in my neck, in order to change my flight to April 1. So, I’ll be at the wedding on Saturday, then fly to Sydney on Sunday.

I’ve also had several offers of places to stay, so I’m sorting that all out. I suppose now that I’m a week and a half away from my trip, I should go do some more research on what I’m going to see, once I’m there? I haven’t been avoiding it, just doing other things. My schedule is starting to fill up.

For example, my Aussie family is going to miss my biscuits and gravy, so I’ve agreed to make it for dinner on Friday. On Thursday, I’m going to see The Hunger Games. Before you comment on that, I will NOT be blogging about it right away, and if I do, I will put an obvious Spoiler Alert in my post. Yes, I’ve already had my life threatened by close friends, on this subject.

On Saturday, I’m having a Pavlova cooking lesson, as I still haven’t learned to make Australia’s official dessert. If I have time, I will also be making pumpkin pie, too. Sometime the next week, I will be packing, arranging my Sydney schedule, figuring out what to wear for the wedding, and hopefully mailing some things home. And that’s before I go to Sydney. Just wait’ll I get back and have only a week and a half left until I leave!

P.S. I found the lost photos! I’ll post them tomorrow!  : )

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