a box from home…

I really wanted my phone from home. It doesn’t matter that I won’t be touching down in any airport, between South Korea and Atlanta, Georgia, unless there’s plane trouble. When I left for Australia, I didn’t have it to keep in touch with anyone, and had to rely on my computer, when I really wanted to keep in contact with my family. So, this time around, if my plane has to land, for any possible reason, before I arrive in GA, I have my phone, because my parents sent it to me.

Aside from that, it’s really a bit of home, as silly as it sounds, because right before I left the U.S., I set all my ringtones, text beeps, and alarm sounds to Minion-related stuff, from Despicable Me. Yes, I love those Minions. If my phone makes any kind of noise, it’ll be Minion Chatter, Minion Arguments, and Minion Laughter. It makes me want to laugh, when I heard it.

I have distinct memories of hearing those sounds, every morning, when I got up to go work at my part-time job at the school food-court, before leaving for Australia. I was sleeping in the basement, so there was no natural light that came from anywhere, so if I didn’t have an alarm, I’d sleep until afternoon, and never know the difference. It reminded me of our cabin on the cruise ship, when we went to the Bahamas. Pitch dark, without your room lights, and even when you stepped into the hallway, it could be day or night.

So, Thursday morning, my Aussie phone died. Yes, the second one that has done so, though thankfully, they waited until my time here as almost done. I had a bad hour, unable to find an alarm clock, but wanting another hour of sleep. So, I slept lightly, constantly waking to check my watch. I was grumpy, at the time, thinking that if the Aussie mail would just quit hanging onto my things in Customs, I’d have been able to use my American phone. And wouldn’t you know, my package arrived at lunchtime, that very day?

Of course, with no access to Verizon, anywhere on the continent, my phone can’t adjust to Daylight Savings Time (East Coast, U.S.), and won’t change it’s settings to Australia time. So, in order to set my alarm, I have to set it back fifteen hours, rather than fourteen, which is the present time difference between home and I. In order to wake up at 6:30am, my phone is set to 3:30pm. I can’t use my phone for anything else, but that’s ok. I get to wake up to Minion Laughter, so what does anything else matter?

Also, in that box from home, came some gifts for my Aussie family. My beautiful, oh-so-talented aunt makes handmade jewelry, fired in her own kiln. The leaves and flower patterns are from real plants, pressed into the clay, and then it burns off in the kiln (I think that’s how it works). So, Mrs. B got a beautiful set of earrings and a necklace, as did Bea and Kit. Aren’t they just wonderful?

Of course, the girls do not yet have pierced ears, so we knew this would come into play, with them lobbying for this to happen sooner. We figured that they could put aside the earrings until they’re old enough to have their ears pierced, but Bea has already wangled a possible promise of getting her ears done on her next birthday. They both loved theirs, as well.

The little girls will have to wait until they’re a bit older, to get fragile jewelry like this to wear. As it is, Bubby seemed to find all the necklaces fascinating, and endangered several of them, before they were put out of harm’s way.

Oh, and yes, that is The Hunger Games Official Illustrated Movie Companion that my phone is sitting on. Can I help it if I love looking through books about the making of these movies? I love the books, and can’t wait to see the movie on THURSDAY. My goodness, I do believe we get it a day earlier than everybody at home.  : )

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