chicks in the house…

No, I’m not talking about my girls. We really do have baby chicks at our house, right now. Emmie was supposed to get them for her birthday, but they were late in arriving. These ones are supposed to help raise our family’s population of chooks, as we only have two or three. It always looks like more, though, because the neighbors’ chickens travel round with them.

After coming back from the Big W, one of the girls informed me they had gotten chicken, and though it sounded like they were talking about dinner, instead, I assumed the baby chooks had arrived. But then, I went in the house, and the container that had brought the chickens here… well, it looked like a takeout box. So, I cheerfully told Mrs. B about my “mistake”, and she laughed, as two of the girls walked towards me, carrying little balls of yellow fluff in their hands. Then we both laughed, and I decided I must be tired. But it really did look like a takeout box.

After getting my camera battery off the charger, I took a minute to capture the beautiful colors of the sunset, before taking a few pics of the sleeping chicks. I’m sure life will be interesting for the next few days, as the chicks have to stay inside for a while. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get some more (and better) pictures.

For now, we have the chicks in a bedroom, with the door shut. I guess we can do that tomorrow, too. Because we still need to be vigilant, with three cats coming and going from the house. The chicks would be, well, sitting ducks, compared to the frogs in this house, which the cats usually chase. I’d rather we don’t have an “incident”, as I don’t want to have to tell Emmie why there’s a chicken missing.

4 thoughts on “chicks in the house…

  1. A lot of people who have chickens in our town order them through the mail. Nothing like showing up to the Post Office to collect the daily post and to hear the peeping and cheeping of day-old chicks.

    Now, the mail order bees… that is a different sound, entirely.

    • Yes, ours came through the mail. I just don’t remember where they were shipped from. One of the cats already got a hold on a chick, this morning, but they got it away (alive), amidst much screaming. The cats are now outside, and in disgrace.

    • We planned to keep one, but we still have two, because we couldn’t find a home for the other. In my newest post, I talk about how Tom does pay quite a bit of attention to the chicks, so we keep the cats outside more, until the chicks are bigger.

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